Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer

The Russian tourist, who killed his father with a hammer, strangled him with wire, and seriously injured his mother, was arrested. It was learned that the tourist said that he planned the murder long beforehand.

Dmitry Stepanov (37), who was on holiday in a 5-star hotel in Antalya’s Manavgat district Çolaklı Mahallesi, had an argument with his mother Tatiana Stepanov (64) and father Pavel Stepanov (62) for an unknown reason on Saturday, September 17, 22.

As the argument escalated, Stepanov killed his father, whom he attacked with a hammer, and seriously injured his mother.

After the incident, Stepanov left the hotel.

Customers complained, murder revealed

The hotel staff, who came to the room after the complaints of other customers staying in the next rooms, saw the situation and informed the 112 Emergency Call Center.

Gendarmerie and medical teams were sent to the hotel.

In the examination, it was determined that Pavel Stepanov died.

Pavel Stepanov’s body, which was put in the morgue of Manavgat State Hospital, was sent to Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute after the examination.

Russian mother’s condition is serious

It turned out that Tatiana Stepanov, who was declared dead in the hospital she was taken to, was seriously injured.

It was noted that Tatiana Stepanov, who was taken to a private hospital, was intubated in the intensive care unit.

It was noted that Stepanov’s treatment is still continuing and his condition remains serious.

Hit with hammer and strangled with wire

It was determined that Dmitry Stepanov turned on loud music in the room where he was with his parents, and then began to record the room with a video camera.

It was determined that Dmitry Stepanov hit his father and mother on the heads and different parts of his body with the hammer he had in his hand, and eventually both of them strangled their throats with wire.

Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer #2

The video has been removed from social media

It was determined that Stepanov, who videotaped the murder he committed in detail and posted it on social media, washed his hands, left the room calmly and left the hotel on foot.

It was noted that Stepanov’s video was taken down by the social media site after the complaint.

Made a confession video

Dmitry Stepanov, who came to the Manavgat district center after the murder, shot a confession video in which he explained why he committed the murder in a cafe and posted it on his social media site. ‘confession of murder’ shared with the note.

Russian tourist who killed his family in Antalya: It was my dream since childhood VIDEO

“Because he raped me since childhood”

In Dmitry Stepanov’s video, “My name is Dima. I killed my father today. Because he raped me since childhood. He beat me so much when I was a child; my neck and back were damaged and my uncle witnessed this incident, his name was Ş.N. In 2005, my eardrums were ruptured, while the doctor witnessed it. My grandmother used to say; ‘I have a different power’ and because of this my father always put me in a mental hospital. I am currently in Turkey.

“I have never hurt anyone”

I knew from the beginning, I decided to do this and I had to do it. Because in Russia my father was going to put me in a mental hospital again. But I don’t want it. I’m afraid. Help me. Because right now I am helpless. I did the right thing because I killed this beast. Because my brother died of drug use. My father did the same to her. As children grow up, they evaluate their parents. I’ve never hurt anyone.” said was detected.

Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer #3


A special team was formed by the Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Command Public Security Branch Directorate Gendarmerie Crime Investigation Team (JASAT) and Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command in order to catch Dmitry Stepanov, who took the bus from Manavgat to Antalya.

The special team found that Dmitry Stepanov was wandering around the side streets at the back of the shopping center in the Fabrikalar Mahallesi of Antalya’s Kepez district yesterday.

Stepanov, who was caught in the operation, was taken into custody.

The suspect was taken to the Çolaklı Gendarmerie Station for his proceedings.

Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer #4

brought to court

It was learned that Dmitry Stepanov, who is alleged to have psychological problems, told why and how he killed his father in his first statement, accompanied by his lawyer, through an interpreter.

It is stated that Stepanov injured a friend of his in Russia about 15 years ago by hitting his head with a hammer.

Dmitry Stepanov, whose procedures were completed in the Gendarmerie, was transferred to the courthouse after the health check at Manavgat State Hospital.

Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer #5

“I was planning to kill my father for a long time”

Dmitry Stepanov, whose procedures in the courthouse were completed, also testified at the prosecutor’s office.

Stepanov, “I was planning to kill my father for a long time because he tortured me, but I couldn’t do that in Russia. In Russia they put me in a mental hospital. That’s why I waited to come to Turkey on vacation. I bought the tow from an outside store. Actually, I was going to do the action on Friday, but I didn’t do it because I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to kill my mother. She started shouting in the room. He would tell everyone. I hit him to shut him up.” said.

Russian tourist arrested in Antalya who killed his father with a hammer #6


According to the news of DHA, Dmitry Stepanov, who was taken to the 2nd Criminal Court of Peace with the request of arrest after his testimony, ‘deliberately killing offspring by designing with a monstrous feel’ arrested for the crime.

The article is in Turkish

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