We’ve been disgraced by the handler, it’s like TRT announcer…

Turkey hosted Luxembourg in the 5th week match of UEFA Nations C League 1st Group. The match ended 3-3.

National goals were scored by Cengiz Ünder in the 16th minute, Maxime Chanot (KK) in the 39th minute and İsmail Yüksek in the 87th minute.

Luxembourg’s goals came from Marvin Martins in the 8th minute, Danel Sinani in the 37th minute and Gerson Rodrigues in the 69th minute.

Turkey won the first 4 games in the group without conceding a goal and scored 14 goals. The streak of not conceding a goal ended with 3 goals against Luxembourg.

Prior to the last matches in the group, it secured the lead in the group and was promoted to the B League.


On the other hand, the result and the game of the Nationals against Luxembourg did not satisfy neither the spectators nor the football authorities.

Oğuz Tongsir, President of the Turkish Sports Writers Association, reacted to both the football displayed and the TRT announcer who presented the match.

Tongsir shared on his social media account, “The match finished 3-3, Luxembourg scored 3 goals against an opponent for the first time, we were disgraced, the TRT announcer is bullshit as if we have won the victory (we have been promoted to league B. Nationals are celebrating this)… What more can I say?” used the phrases.

A social media user named Mustafa Balkuv, who responded to Tongsir’s post, said: “Actually, we were happy as a nation in group C. The sun gave us this opportunity. Welcome to the stress and frustrations in group B.” said.


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