Beach nude dating for cancer awareness in Australia

About 3,000 people, who came together for skin cancer awareness, posed nude in the art work of photographer Spencer Tunick.

When photographer Spencer Tunick wanted to raise awareness of skin cancer, Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia was the scene of interesting images…

2,500 people lined the beach this morning to pose for Tunick, representing those who die of skin cancer each year in the country.

It was learned that the laws were changed temporarily so that the crowd could gather on the beach naked.

Taking off their clothes, the crowd stood naked against the sea. Known for organizing mass nude photo shoots at key locations around the world, Tunick captured various poses on the beach.

“I am honored to do my art”

tunic, “We have the opportunity to raise awareness about skin controls, and I’m honored to come here and do my art and just celebrate the body and protection.” used the phrases.

“Everybody was really respectful”

A participant named Robyn Lindner, “Last night, I have to admit I was thinking about what I did. But it was great, everyone had a really good atmosphere, everyone was really respectful and it felt really fun.” said.

Tunick most recently directed a group shoot in Sydney in 2010 of 5,200 Australians posing nude at the Sydney Opera House.

1,281 Australians are predicted to die

Australia is among the countries with the highest death rates for skin cancer in the world.

According to the news of Reuters; The federal government estimates that 17,756 new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year and 1,281 Australians will die from the disease.

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