The bus whose driver had a heart attack went to the accident like this


The accident occurred at around 14.30 on Dikilitaş Street. Ömer Odabaşı, the driver of the public bus with license plate 58 H 0116, which was on the road with its passengers, suddenly became ill. The bus, which went out of control, was able to stop by crashing into a cutlery kiosk on the roadside after hitting 4 vehicles in front of it while going downhill. According to initial reports, 7 people were injured in the accident.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to the scene of the accident. Odabaşı, who was determined to have had a heart attack, and 7 injured, were taken to hospitals for treatment.


After the accident, Governor Yılmaz Şimşek came to the region and made investigations and received information.

Şimşek said, “As a result of the bus driver losing control of the steering wheel, possibly due to a heart attack, he hit the parked vehicles and pedestrians in the area. As a result of the accident, 7 of our citizens were injured. The injured were being treated at various hospitals in the surrounding area. Fortunately, according to the information we learned, the condition of the injured is not serious. We think the driver also had a heart attack. He was also treated. I say ‘get well soon’ to the injured and wish them a speedy recovery.


On the other hand, those injured in the accident; It was announced that the driver Ömer Odabaşı and Tuba Yıldız (18), Cemile Aktaş (54), Fevzi Ateş (60) on the bus, Yasemin Bulut (55), Büşra Bulut (28) standing in front of the buffet, and Burak Altuntaş, the driver of the car with 58 ABH 281 plate in the park. .


The images of the moment of the accident, which were reflected in the security camera of the bus and the security cameras of the workplace, emerged. In the images on the inside of the bus camera; There were moments of panic when the driver had a crisis and the vehicle in motion collided with the parked vehicles and the kiosk.

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