Sanliurfa was hit by a downpour: The hospital was flooded, schools were suspended – Last Minute Turkey News

Sanliurfa was hit by a downpour: The hospital was flooded, schools were suspended – Last Minute Turkey News
Sanliurfa was hit by a downpour: The hospital was flooded, schools were suspended – Last Minute Turkey News

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    In Şanlıurfa, torrential rains caused flooding.

    Many streets and avenues in the city, especially Eyyübiye and Haliliye districts, were flooded due to the heavy rain that increased the effect of the evening in the city.

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    In the city where traffic disruptions were experienced, teams affiliated to the General Directorate of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (ŞUSKİ) responded to flood reports from some houses.

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    Ömer Oturan, who was hit by lightning while he was on the field in Akçakale district, was taken to the hospital.

    Sitting is said to be life-threatening.

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    Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, in his post on his social media account, stated that they are working with their supervisors in the field to eliminate the negativities caused by the downpour.

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    In the statement made on the social media account of the Governorship of Şanlıurfa, the following statements were included:

    “The intensive care service of our Şanlıurfa Eyyübiye Training and Research Hospital was affected by heavy rain and our patients who were treated in the service were transferred to other hospitals. All necessary precautions were taken in this regard.”

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    In the statement made by the Provincial Health Directorate, it was stated that the water level increased in the “Pediatric Intensive Care” on the 1st floor of Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital due to heavy rain in the city.

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    In the statement, “Since the water level started to rise, patients were immediately transferred to Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital by ambulances. No health problems were experienced during the patient transfer.
    Water evacuation works continue in the intensive care unit. Our healthcare workers are on the alert for any possible negativity. No device was damaged in the incident,” the statement said.

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    Şanlıurfa Governor Salih Ayhan also stated that the intensive care unit of Eyyübiye Training and Research Hospital was flooded due to the torrential rain. There is no downside at the moment.” said.

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    Stating that Şanlıurfa has received the heaviest precipitation in recent years, Governor Ayhan said, “Urfa’s annual precipitation average is 450 kilograms, the total precipitation in just two days is almost 150 kilograms. The annual average age in March is 57 kilograms, only today’s precipitation is 77 kilograms, so We can see that there is a big rain and its effects on general life from here,” he said.

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    Şanlıurfa Governorship announced that education was suspended in all schools across the province today due to the torrential rain.

    In the statement, it was noted that pregnant and disabled officials in public institutions and organizations will also be considered on administrative leave.

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