Intense Interest in Bilsem During the Holidays

Intense Interest in Bilsem During the Holidays
Intense Interest in Bilsem During the Holidays

Students who want to spend their break in Sivas productively, Science and Art Centers (BİLSEM) show great interest in support and training courses opened at primary, secondary and high school levels. Free courses, which include fun and innovative learning approaches in 4 fields, science, art, mathematics and English, allow students to spend their break more productively and effectively. In line with the concept and calendar determined by the Ministry of National Education, the semester course, which started on January 21, will continue until Sunday, February 5th.

A total of 238 students receive training in the courses.

Within this framework, courses in the fields of thinking education, mind games, scientific research techniques, music, visual arts, mathematics applications, physics, electronics and foreign languages ​​are held in Sivas BİLSEM with the participation of 121 students in 16 workshops and with the participation of 117 students in 8 workshops in Buruciye BİLSEM. . In 55 courses in which 20 teachers take part, 440 hours of training activities are carried out per week. A total of 238 students attend the courses. In the courses organized in schools, winter school course activities are carried out with the participation of a total of 2 thousand 625 students, 820 of which are in the city center and 805 in the districts. In the Winter Schools, where 172 teachers work and run in 95 course centers, 2 thousand 236 hours of educational activities are carried out per week with the participation of students from all levels, from Grade 2 to Grade 12.

“We are increasing the quality of education in our city”

Sivas Governor Dr. Yılmaz Şimşek stated that a quality education to be given to children will make them be good people and contribute to the development of the country, and said, “Our students, who are the guarantee of our future, develop themselves by taking education in many fields such as general talent, painting, music, technology, foreign language, intelligence games. they find the opportunity. We are also trying to prepare our children for the future in the best way by increasing the quality of education in our province. I wish our teachers and students success in their studies.” said.

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