The world of young people with speech difficulties changed with painting

The world of young people with speech difficulties changed with painting
The world of young people with speech difficulties changed with painting

ELAZIĞ (AA) – SUAT ÖZTÜRK – 25-year-old Adem Aksuoğlu, who has a speech disorder in Elazig, chose painting as a way of expressing his feelings.

Aksuoğlu, who lives with his family in Ulukent Neighborhood and was understood to stutter at a young age, turned to painting when he had trouble communicating with his friends and surroundings.

Developing himself in this field by painting and receiving support from his family in this regard, Aksuoğlu settled in Bursa Uludağ University Painting Teaching Department with the score he got in the exam he took.

Aksuoğlu, who won the honorable mention by participating in the “International Ex-libris Competition” held in Bursa in 2019 during his education, came first in Turkey at the “9th Ponart Painting Competition” held in Istanbul the same year.

Aksuoğlu won the honorable mention at the “International Ex-libris Competition” with the theme of “Cultural and Artistic Traces of the Butler” by Uşak Municipality this year.

Returning to Elazig after graduation and turning one room of his house into a workshop, Aksuoğlu paints with engraving, oil painting and scraping techniques. Aksuoğlu’s goal is to open his first personal exhibition and to represent the country with his works by participating in international competitions.

– “I started to express myself through painting”

Adem Aksuoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he expressed himself by painting because he had difficulty speaking since his childhood.

Expressing that painting felt like therapy, Aksuoğlu said, “I started to express myself through painting. Painting was indispensable for me. I convey my thoughts through painting. Painting has become my language of speech. For me, it is a way of transferring my thoughts to paper.” said.

Aksuoğlu stated that he drew pictures of everything he thought and dreamed of, and that he has been painting since the day he picked up the pen.

Explaining that there are people who have a talent for painting in his family, Aksuoğlu said, “My brother used to draw animal pictures on paper while studying. I was also influenced by him and became more interested in painting. It is indispensable for me. I always want to do something about painting. My goal is to open my first personal exhibition. Participating in different competitions. I want to seize all opportunities.” he said.

Aksuoğlu stated that he received training and participated in competitions in order to progress in this field, and that he worked hard to be successful.

“Before I went to the competitions, I thought that people abroad were better than us. After participating, I saw that we were more successful.” Aksuoğlu advised everyone with talent to paint without giving up and participate in competitions.

Father Necmettin Aksuoğlu also stated that his son has been interested in painting since his early ages and that they have always supported him in this regard.

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