Serbian mafia settled in Istanbul! 1.5 million Euros to Turkish gang for assassination

Details have emerged about the assassination of Jovan Vukotic, the ringleader of the Serbian organized crime group Skaljari, who was killed in Istanbul. The ringleader of the criminal organization Barış Nek, who received 1.5 million Euros for the assassination from the rival gang Kavac, ordered his men to “kill Vukotic”.

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Release: 10:59 – September 23, 2022 Updated: 11:10 am – September 23, 2022

An armed attack was carried out on a driving car in Şişli, Istanbul, on 7 September. The target of the attack was Jovan Vukotic, one of Serbia’s most active crime syndicates. Vukotic, the leader of the Skaljari gang, was killed with four bullets by a hitman approaching his car on a motorcycle.

A fake passport issued in the name of Predrag Popovic was found on Vukotic, who died next to his pregnant wife and 2-year-old son.

Jovan Vukotic

IEM Anti-Organized Crime Division teams took a statement from his wife, Masha Misic, who was with Jovan Vukotic when he was shot. Misic said that he and his wife went to Zorlu AVM, starting from the address where they were staying in Ataköy, and that while they were on the Mecidiyeköy viaduct, four shots were fired from a motorcycle that approached and had two people on it.


Misic also said that her husband, who was deported from Turkey in 2018, came to Istanbul in 2021. He stated that the owner of the vehicle in which the attack was carried out was an acquaintance whom his wife trusted and called when he was going somewhere.

50 people died in 8 years

Organized Crime police conducted investigations to determine Vukotic and his relationships. The information obtained revealed that Vukotic was the leader of the Skaljari gang active in Serbia and Montenegro. Correspondence was made with Interpol. It has been learned that bloody showdowns have been taking place between Skaljari and his rival Kavac gang since 2014.

It has been learned that nearly 50 people were killed in the last 8 years in the drug-related fight between Kavac and Skaljari. It was claimed that the bloody showdown was caused by 300 kilos of cocaine seized in Spain.

Evaluating that Vukotic was a victim of gang wars, the police teams examined the security cameras for days to identify the attacker. Examining the vehicle in which he was shot, the police obtained interesting findings. Three GPS-linked tracking devices were found in the vehicle, two under the car and one in the trunk. Organized Crime and Intelligence Branch police found that the attack was more planned than anticipated.


More than 200 camera images were collected on the route where the suspects on motorcycles arrived at the scene of the attack and fled the scene. The police, who watched approximately 1700 hours of footage, noticed an interesting detail.

It was understood that Vukotic was followed by a vehicle with İzmir license plate. It was determined that there was a woman and a man in the car, which was 2-3 minutes behind Vukotic’s vehicle from Ataköy. The suspects in the vehicle were identified.


It was determined that one of the suspects was Furkan Y. and the woman next to him was Elanur T. It was claimed that Furkan Y. was the man of the İzmir-based crime organization leader Binalı Camgöz. Camgöz’s man, Furkan Y., who was a fugitive and was arrested in Montenegro through Interpol, was followed, and it was determined that the suspect who organized the armed attack was Emircan S..

Radoje Zivkovic


Police teams determined the connection between Furkan Y. and the shooter. It was claimed that the suspects came together after the attack. It was also claimed that the suspect Furkan Y. was connected with two people of Montenegrin origin. It was determined that those two names were Kavac gang leaders Radoje Zivkovic and Zdravko Perunovic. Following the information obtained, the police identified eight more suspects suspected of involvement in the incident.

Zdravko Perunovic


While the investigations were continuing, it was learned that Furkan Y., the key figure of the incident, was planning to cross from Artvin Hopa to Georgia. Thereupon, the decision to operate was taken. It carried out simultaneous operations in Istanbul, Izmir, Zonguldak, Alanya and Artvin. In the raid, 12 suspects, including the important names of the Kavac gang, Rodoje Z., Zdravko P., shooter Emircan S., Furkan Y., who allegedly organized the attack, and his girlfriend, Elanur T., were caught.


While the suspects were being questioned by the police, it was claimed that Kavaka gang leaders Rodoje Z. and Zdravko P had instigated the murder. Allegedly, two names gave 1.5 million Euros to the criminal organization of which Binali Camgöz was the ringleader for the murder of Vukotic. After the execution agreement, Furkan Y. came to Istanbul with his girlfriend and Erdi E. 4 months ago. The execution tender was given to this group by meeting with the men of the fugitive crime organization ringleader Barış Neck, who was arrested in Italy through Interpol. It was claimed that the men of the neck, who were claimed to be the execution squads with motorcycles, killed Vukotic upon the order of the attack.

Peace Neck


Barış Neck, who was caught by Georgian Interpol as a result of the efforts of Turkish Interpol and then released with judicial control in Georgia, was caught in the hotel he entered in Rimini, Italy on 3 August 2022. Barış Neck, who is alleged to have carried out many armed attacks, damage to property and looting in Istanbul, was arrested in Italy, where he was arrested after a red notice was issued as a result of the work carried out by the Interpol-Europol Department of the General Directorate of Security.

Bilal Camgoz


Binali Camgöz, also known as “Deniz” and wanted for many injuries, threats, looting, damage to the workplace, murder crimes in İzmir, was caught in Montenegro as a result of the work of the Interpol-Europol Department of the General Directorate of Security. Turkish Interpol issued a red notice for Camgöz, who had a false identity card in Georgia, from which he fled illegally, and was determined to have crossed into the Balkan countries with this identity, and ensured his arrest on July 6, 2022. Camgöz is detained in Montenegro until his extradition to Turkey is completed.

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