12-year-old girl killed her classmate in Mersin! -Breaking news

In Mersin province, female student ED (12) beat her classmate Fatmanisa Yürekli (12) with a water hose and stabbed her to death, whom she claimed was making fun of her because she got a low grade in the exam.

According to the news of DHA, the incident occurred at Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Secondary School at around 12:00.


ED called Fatmanisa Yürekli, who was studying in the same class, to the school toilet by writing a note. ED first beat his friend with a hose in the toilet, and then severely injured his throat and abdomen with the knife he brought from home. While ED escaped, the other students reported to the school administration.

The police and medical team were sent to the school upon the notice. Fatmanisa Yürekli, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors.


ED, who was caught and taken to the police station, said that Yürekli made fun of him because he got a bad grade in the exam, and that’s why he did the incident. The police also kept the crime tool knife used in the incident.

The article is in Turkish


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