Organized a Technical Tour in the Organized Industrial Zone

Elazig Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Ali Şiş and the accompanying delegation first visited Mehmet Yaşar Demirel, the Manager of Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone, within the scope of the technical trip, and were informed about the works and productions carried out in the Elazığ Organized Industrial Zone.

Elazig Special Provincial Administration delegation then made investigations at Elazig OSB Tekstil Kent construction and Fantazi İplik and Saka Tekstil companies and received information from company officials.

Ali Şiş, Secretary General of Elazig Special Provincial Administration, stated that Elazig Organized Industry is one of the important production centers in our city and said, “We made a technical trip to the Organized Industrial Zone with our executive friends in Elazig Special Provincial Administration. We received information about the work carried out. We visited our very valuable production companies. We had the opportunity to listen to their expectations from us. We would like to thank Mehmet Yaşar Demirel, Manager of Elazig Organized Industrial Zone, and company officials for their hospitality.” said.


The article is in Turkish


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