Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the West is a party to the conflicts in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that the Western states aim to prolong the conflicts in Ukraine as much as possible in order to weaken Russia, “Such a line means the direct involvement of the Western countries in the Ukrainian conflict and makes them a party to it.” said.

Lavrov, in his speech at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), said that for 8 years in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army and nationalist formations have killed and continue to kill Donbas residents.

Noting that the people living in Donbas decided to defend their rights, which are guaranteed by the Ukrainian constitution, including the right to freely use the Russian language as their mother tongue, Lavrov pointed out that international structures did not find the courage to persuade Kiev to fulfill its obligations in the field of human rights.

Lavrov stated that among the highest command staff and officers of the Ukrainian army, as well as citizens of other states, mercenary fighters were found to be involved in war crimes in Ukraine, and emphasized that these 220 people will be held accountable.


Noting that the Russian army is facing not only the armed forces of Kiev, but also the military machine of the collective West, Lavrov said that the purpose of the Western states is no longer hidden.

“Their aim is to prolong the conflict as long as possible in order to exhaust and weaken Russia, despite the losses and destruction. Such a line means the direct involvement of Western countries in the Ukrainian conflict and makes them a party to it. “The deliberate incitement of this conflict by the collective West also goes unpunished.”


Lavrov called on the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to have the Ukrainian authorities publish a list of those who died in Bucha, noting:

“In the presence of the Secretary General and the esteemed ministers, I appeal once again, please make the Ukrainian authorities take a simple step to publish the names of those whose bodies were shown in the city of Bucha. I’ve been asking this for more than a month, but no one wants to answer. Dear Secretary General, you can at least give your authority. Please use it.”

Reminding that a tragedy occurred in Bucha at the end of March, a few days after the Russian and Ukrainian negotiators in Istanbul practically agreed on the solution parameters proposed by Kiev, Lavrov said that Russia was unfoundedly blamed for this incident and that the Westerners applied a new package of sanctions against Russia. stated.

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