Toilet paper sale started today! He lowered the market prices by 50 percent.

Toilet paper, one of the indispensable cleaning and hygiene items of homes, had officially exploded in price with the covid 19 pandemic. In this process, toilet paper stocks were depleted due to the fact that consumers spent more time at home and the need for hygiene increased. The few problems experienced in the market also affected the prices. Toilet paper prices have officially quadrupled in the last two years.

While news of the increase in toilet paper prices continues to come in 2023, many citizens follow the discounts of the chain Markets to shop for cheap toilet paper. Some chain markets offer discounts on both basic food products and basic hygiene products, one after the other, and offer the citizens the chance to shop at affordable prices. One of those markets has recently been Carrefour. Carrefour has become a popular destination for consumers with discount campaigns. Now the toilet paper discount campaign has come from Carrefour. Despite the successive hikes, toilet paper prices at Carrefour are offered for sale at a 50% discount.



Carrefour discount campaigns have attracted a lot of attention lately. This time, a big toilet paper campaign came from the famous grocery chain, which offers many basic food products and especially sunflower oil varieties to consumers at very affordable prices. Carrefour toilet paper prices have almost halved. The prices at Carrefour, which sells toilet paper with 50% discount, are as follows:

Selpak extra toilet paper 84.90 TL

Selpak hygiene toilet paper 84.90 TL

Solo smart choices toilet paper 129.90 TL

Famila aloe vera extract toilet paper 59.90 TL

Teno new series toilet paper 104.95 TL

Carrefour double-layer toilet paper 136.95 TL



While discount campaigns are not interrupted at Carrefour, the 50% discount applied to toilet paper prices is definitely not to be missed. Carrefour toilet paper discount dates have also been announced. If you want to shop with a campaign and economically, make good use of the weekend. Carrefour’s campaign, which offers 50% discount on toilet paper for a short time, will only be valid for 2 days. If you want to buy a discounted product with limited stocks, do not forget to visit the nearest Carrefour store.

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