Worker cleaning train window electrocuted

Worker cleaning train window electrocuted
Worker cleaning train window electrocuted

The worker, who tried to clean the windshield of the high-speed train, which was prepared for the expedition at Istanbul Söğütlüçeşme Station, with a long-handled iron brush, was seriously injured by being caught in high voltage.

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) pointed out that the works previously given by TCDD and TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.

Pointing out that cleaning works are at the forefront of these services, BTS emphasized that subcontractor employees are employed with low salaries, without job security, without sufficient knowledge, skills and training.


BTS stated that the cleaning of the trains is done on non-electric repair-maintenance lines, as in the accident. ‘catenary line’ He noted that cleaning this line under it is against the law:

“The trains must have high-voltage isolated roads where they will be maintained and supplied. While the cleaning process was carried out in automatic washing units in the past, today it is tried to be done with a bucket and brush by transferring the cleaning of wagons to subcontractors.”

The worker, who was caught in a 28 thousand-watt electric current, was intubated.

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