New generation migraine drugs are seen as revolutionary for physicians

Migraine is famous for always being at the top of the list of disabling diseases. Experts say that relieving migraine pain has different properties than relieving other pains. In migraine attacks, migraine-specific drugs (which do not work in any pain other than migraine and are mostly effective in migraine pain) are recommended in addition to traditional painkillers. Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ertaş states that there are different options in the treatment of migraine disease, reducing the frequency and severity of attacks or eliminating them altogether, and gives important information on the subject.


Ertaş said, “19 years ago, in migraine pain, apart from painkillers, a revolutionary development specific to relieving migraine attacks, “Triptan” group drugs were released. Until 2 years ago, there was no revolutionary development in the treatment of attacks. Among the options to treat migraine, the history of treatment drugs with a migraine-specific mechanism (which has no effect on any other disease) and developed for the direct treatment of migraine dates back a little over 4 years. This new treatment is “Migraine Antibody Needles”, also called “Migraine Vaccine”, and currently 4 different antibody needles are used in the world. Two of these needles have been on sale in our country for over a year. The main function of these antibody injections is to neutralize a substance called CGRP, which causes pain in migraine and causes inflammation of the cerebral cortex and cerebral vessels, for a month.


It is stated that drugs called “GEPANT” group, which is an alternative to migraine-specific pain relievers in the “Triptan group”, which was approved for the first time 2 years ago, have the same function as migraine antibody needles. These drugs work against the CGRP substance, just like migraine antibody needles, and bind to the places where this substance binds to create an effect and neutralize it.

prof. Dr. Mustafa Ertas

prof. Dr. Mustafa Ertas


prof. Dr. Mustafa Ertaş describes the “Gepant” group drugs, which have been offered for sale as 3 different drugs in the last 2 years, as “revolutionary” and says, “As a feature of migraine disease, taking all kinds of painkillers frequently (for example, 10 days a month or more often) makes migraine headaches more frequent and day by day. excessive or causing it to happen every day. This is called a ‘painkiller overuse headache’. This is a situation unique to migraineurs. The most important difference of these new drugs, called the Gepant group, from other pain medications is that they do not intensify migraine pain even if they are used frequently. Drug addiction, which is in other drug groups, is absent in this group of drugs. For this reason, this drug group, which is used as an oral pill, can be used every day or every other day as a preventive treatment in migraine as well as in the treatment of attacks.

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