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There is no need to work for EYT, it can be solved by a law, but….

There is no need to work for EYT, it can be solved by a law, but….
There is no need to work for EYT, it can be solved by a law, but….

Following the consecutive EYT and SGK and Bağ-Kur premium equalization statements by Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, millions of citizens’ eyes turned to the new pension system. Speaking to Medyatava TV, Social Security Specialist Şevket Tezel made a very critical statement about EYT and premium equalization. On the subject of EYT, Tezel said, “They are making calculations to please the maximum audience,” and said, “I do not think that the days of Bag-Kur members will decrease in premium equalization.”

The highlights of Tezel’s statements are as follows:


“I found these explanations too optimistic and incomplete. Only the number of days cannot be equalized. Because their bonus systems and formulations are also different… For example, Bag-Kur had a step system. In SSK, high premiums can be paid depending on the qualification of the employee. Today, the minimum wage is one He has a work portfolio that can pay a premium of between 5,000 and a half times. Therefore, everything is not equal… I don’t think that it will reduce the day of the people of Bağ-Kur to 5 thousand-odd days anyway.”


“The EYT has been on the public agenda for a long time… However, the government turned a deaf ear to the demands. But for the first time this year, Minister of Labor Vedat Bilgin said that they will take concrete steps. There is no need to work to solve the EYT problems in the past years. This problem can be solved by a law. But I guess resources are limited. They calculate to satisfy the maximum EYT audience. This too is understandable. I don’t think they will remove age completely. I think they will improve. In other words, I think that they will make arrangements to make discounts for those with 9 thousand days. I think they are working on a formulation that will give priority to age reduction for those who have more days. EYT organizations are also asking ‘Is a new condition being brought?’ they can perceive. Because their expectation is that it will be completely removed.”


“In disability retirement, 10 years of insurance, a report showing that he has lost at least 60% of his working rate and the approval of this report by the SGK Board, if an insured person requires disability when starting his/her working life, that person can never retire due to disability. He has a disability retirement status. In other words, in order to retire due to disability, it is necessary to be healthy when starting working life.”

You can watch all of Şevket Tezel’s statements by clicking here.

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