230 TL in Kars, 340 TL in Istanbul

230 TL in Kars, 340 TL in Istanbul
230 TL in Kars, 340 TL in Istanbul

The first gruyere of the season, which was called the ‘king of cheeses’ in Kars, was offered for sale with folk songs sung by the folk poet. Gruyere cheese, which is made from cows fed with various flowers and thyme in pastures and plateaus with an altitude of approximately 2 thousand 500 with rich flora, is produced with long urate. Producing 1 kilogram of gruyere from an average of 20-25 kilograms of full-fat cows, the producers leave the milk they collect in May to rest after cooking them in local copper cauldrons and undergoing various processes. After being rounded and rested for a long time, Gruyere cheeses offered for sale began to take their place on the counters. The first gruyere of the season was cut with the Turkish poet Yksel ztrk’s saz and written on gruyere, and put on the counter to be offered for sale.

The most famous Boatepe Gruyere

Erol Turut, who is a cheese business in the district of Sarkam, stated that they sang the first gruyere of the season, produced in Kars Boatepe village, with Turkish saz and offered it for sale. Stating that Kars gruyere is among the famous cheeses of the world, Turut noted: “This year was a fruitful year in terms of cheese production. Due to the fact that the pastures receive plenty of rain, the grass and top quality are very good. The taste of gruyere was also good. “A ball of Gruyere weighs about 70 kilograms. We are shipping Gruyere cheeses to all over Turkey at 230 liras per kilo at the moment.” A kilo of Gruyere cheese is sold between 280-340 liras in markets and arcades in Istanbul. On the other hand, the Cheese Festival, organized in cooperation with the Governor’s Office, Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) and Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started in Kars. Cheeses produced in various provinces and regions of the country are promoted at the festival held on September 23-24. NEWS CENTER/AA

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