He signed for Ajax on the 37th, became a national in the 38th, his goal in the 39th World Cup: Remko Pasveer


Everyone lives their own time. While Obama retired from the US presidency in his 50s, Donald Trump was elected president in his 70s. It is neither too early nor too late for anything that happens. Remko Pasveer clearly demonstrates this with his rise in recent years.

Remko Pasveer is 38 years old. The veteran glove is very close to the 20th year in his professional football career. However, there were some shortcomings in his career. After the Pasveer 35, these deficiencies began to be eliminated one by one.

Remko started his career in Twente. At the time, his father, Eddie Pasveer, a former goalkeeper, was Twente’s goalkeeping coach. The goalkeeper, who made his Eredivisie debut in the 2004-05 season, could not find enough time in Twente and signed to a lower scale team, Heracles.

At the age of 25, Pasveer started playing regularly in the Eredivisie. After playing four seasons in a row, Heracles, who started almost every season with the motto of being relegated, added him to their squad. Pasveer had turned 30 when he moved to Philips Stadium.

However, for Remko, his PSV career did not go quite as he had hoped. The Dutch netkeeper spent three seasons here, but had to wait behind Jeroen Zoet. Pasveer’s PSV career came to an end after playing 19 official matches over three seasons.

In the summer of 2017, Pasveer made his way to Vitesse, while Vitesse goalkeeper Eloy Room joined PSV. The 33-year-old Remko Pasveer seemed to be nearing the end of his career and Vitesse was the right choice for him as he had a team where he could play more regularly.

Portuguese net keeper Eduardo, who previously played for Başakşehir, left Chelsea and signed with Vitesse, with which the British giant had close relations. This move meant that Remko Pasveer would return to the hut. In the 2018-19 season, the Dutchman became the second goalkeeper and was able to play in 12 games.

After a season’s adventure in the Netherlands, Eduardo returned to Portugal to end his career in Braga, where he was trained. This was good news for Pasveer. In the 2019-20 season, the experienced netkeeper put on his gloves again and became the A team goalkeeper. However, this time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, football leagues in the Netherlands were first suspended and then registered. While Pasveer was starting to form again, he was a more valuable and experienced name than before, although his enthusiasm was still in his crop.

As the 2020-21 season continues, it has opened buds again in the autumn of Remko Pasveer’s career. Ajax announced that they have reached an agreement with the 37-year-old goalkeeper for the next season. The Dutch team was having problems with the goalkeeper. Although the castle was entrusted to Maarten Stekelenburg due to Andre Onana’s doping penalty, the need for an alternative arose and the Dutch giant did not go far for this move. He recruited Pasveer, one of the league’s most experienced and still trustworthy goalkeepers.

Having faced various problems in almost every period of his career, Pasveer could not escape his fate in Ajax either. The goalkeeper, who had not experienced a serious injury until that day, broke his finger and was away from the field for about 5 months. Despite this, he played 28 games with the Pasveer team in the same season. In the same season, the total number of matches between Stekelenburg and Onana was not 20. Although Pasveer seemed like a temporary solution for Ajax, the Amsterdam representative broke the rules.

In the summer of 2022, Andre Onana signed for Inter after his contract expired. As Ajax’s goalkeeper transfer was discussed, they started the season with 38-year-old Pasveer. Behind him, 40-year-old Stekelenburg was waiting, while 22-year-old Jay Gorter, who came from the youth, was positioned as the third goalkeeper. Pasveer was at the peak of his career at the age of 38.

Ajax, who opened a new page with Alfred Schreuder after Erik ten Hag’s signing for Manchester United, scored 18 points in the last 7 weeks in the Eredivisie and scored 4 goals in his castle. Pasveer managed to close his goal in 4 matches in this process. In the Champions League, 4-0 Rangers match and 2-1 loss to Liverpool, the goal was Pasveer’s. Remko, who was on the ladder to 40, made 8 saves at Anfield, but his effort was not enough to score.

Dutch National Team coach Louis van Gaal did not ignore Remko Pasveer’s performance and included the goalkeeper, who will turn 39 in November, into the candidate squad. While the Netherlands defeated Poland 2-0 away in the Nations League, Pasveer was in the goal. This match marked one of the most special moments in his career. The Dutchman wore the national jersey on his back for the first time at the age of 38.

The Netherlands, which does not have a deep breadth of goalkeepers, can entrust the castle to Pasveer when Jasper Cillessen was also in decline. Ajax tried this without hesitation and it paid off. Louis van Gaal will now have to make a choice.

Remko Pasveer, who signed for Ajax in the 37th and was called up to the Netherlands National Team in the 38th, wants to appear in the World Cup on the 39th.

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