Fenerbahce’s derby plan

Fenerbahce’s derby plan
Fenerbahce’s derby plan

It is not clear that Luan Peres, who was injured in the Rennes match and could not play against Alanya, will not take part in the Beşiktaş match. Jorge Jesus will shape his derby plan according to Sambacı’s situation. It’s up to Luan whether to choose triple defense or quad defense.

Fenerbahce has determined tactics according to the opponent this season. While Jorge Jesus preferred triple defense in some matches, he took his team to the field with a 4-way defense line in some matches. The Portuguese coach has come to the fore in the last few weeks. However, things changed when Luan Peres suffered a knee injury in the Rennes match. Jesus, who returned to the 4th defense after Luan left in that fight, used 4 defenders in the Alanya game where his student could not play.

to be expected next week

The tactic that the Yellow-Navy Blues will use against Beşiktaş will be shaped according to the situation of Luan Peres. If the Brazilian centre-back is able to play, Jesus will most likely opt for triple defence. If the 28-year-old defender is not ready for the derby, it is likely that the Portuguese coach will still choose the 4-way defensive line. The experienced technical man will therefore wait until the middle of next week for tactical studies. In this process, both Luan’s situation will become clear and the majority of the players who went to the National mission will return.

Serdar Aziz unlikely

There is actually one more possibility for Jorge Jesus: Serdar Aziz… The 31-year-old actor recovered and started working. However, Serdar is missing a serious match. The experienced defender served in the first match of the Champions League 2nd Qualification Round on July 20 and only stayed on the field for 45 minutes. Although the successful player was included in the squad in the last two matches in the Europa League, he was still in the stands in the Alanya match due to his pain. For this reason, it seems unlikely that Jorge Jesus will use Serdar Aziz and prefer triple defense if Luan does not play.

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