Missing young girl found

Missing young girl found
Missing young girl found

Bursa‘in loss Uludag University Foreign Trade Department 2nd year student Merve Dilara Şahin (22) was found after 4 days.

According to the information obtained, university Those who do not want to return to their hometown Yozgat after completing their education youth girl When he didn’t go home, he was wondered by his family. When the two older brothers who came to the house where the young girl resided in Bursa could not find at home, she reported her missing to the police.

After the investigations, it was determined that the young girl went to Adana by bus. However, Merve Dilara Şahin could not be found here either.
Merve Dilara Şahin, who reached her brother by phone after the news of the disappearance; She said she was staying with a girlfriend in Adana.

Thereupon, his elder brother, who went to Adana once again, took his sister to his hometown with his parents.

It was learned that Merve was in good health and was not involved in any incidents.



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