The balance sheet of the earthquake is getting heavier, the number of buildings to be demolished has been determined

The balance sheet of the earthquake is getting heavier, the number of buildings to be demolished has been determined
The balance sheet of the earthquake is getting heavier, the number of buildings to be demolished has been determined

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum attended the coordination meeting held at AFAD Provincial Directorate within the scope of his visit to Elazig. The Minister Institution, who received information about the damages that occurred in the city after the earthquake, the determination of the damages in the structures, reserve areas and other works, made evaluations after the meeting.

Stating that they held consultations on the areas damaged by the earthquake in the city together with all the dynamics of the city, the Minister Kurum said, “Elazig was one of the provinces affected by the earthquake. But thanks to the big transformation we made here 3 years ago, thanks to the 24 thousand houses we built within the scope of urban transformation, it has become one of our provinces where the least damage was experienced in this earthquake,” he said.


Speaking about the earthquake victims staying in tent and container cities, Minister Kurum said:

* “Our state provides the settlement of more than 2 and a half million citizens in tent cities and container cities. We placed our citizens in priority tent cities, and then, as our President stated, in the next month and a half, we will send our citizens to the container city areas, temporary prefabricated structures, steel constructions, temporary prefabricated structures built by our non-governmental organizations, donors, TOKİ, Emlak Konut, İller Bank, under the coordination of AFAD. We will be carrying out the process of placing in the structures we build. On the one hand, we are carrying out damage assessment studies, which are now close to the end, we are about to complete it.”


Stating that 1 million 875 thousand buildings consisting of 5 million 397 thousand independent sections in the regions affected by the earthquake were examined, the Minister Kurum said, “We have determined that 301 thousand buildings, consisting of 883 thousand independent sections, will be demolished, destroyed or moderately damaged.”


Stating that they carried out the biggest disaster housing construction campaign in the history of the Republic with the spirit of Çanakkale, Minister Kurum said:

* “We carry out our works with the understanding that will protect the cultural texture, demographic structure, industry and culture of 11 provinces. In this context, we have signed the construction contracts by making the tender for approximately 34 thousand houses since February 21 and we have actually started the construction on the field. In the areas where we signed the first contracts, we carry out the construction activities quickly in line with the opinions, ideas and suggestions of our scientists.

* Within a year, we will complete the construction of 319 thousand houses, which we started within 2-3 months, and deliver them to our citizens, and we will be carrying out the construction process of 650 thousand houses, whose damage assessment has been completed in total.

* In order to enable our citizens to carry out the urban transformation process even faster, we announced this project, which we worked with our Ministry of Treasury and Finance, to support both our citizens and the contractor companies that agreed with our citizens in the urban transformation process, and within this scope, our citizens can transform up to 1 million 250 thousand liras with a maturity of 10 years over a maturity rate of 0.79. In order to carry out the transformation of risky buildings, we provide a conversion loan of 1 million 250 thousand liras, and our state meets the rest with all its means.

* In this context, we also give incentives to our contractors for the first time, as we once again demonstrate our determination in urban transformation by providing the contractor companies that have agreed with our citizens with loans up to 250 million TL, with a maturity of 5 years and a grace period of one year, for the size of the work and the size of the project.” (DHA)

Release date: 20:23, 18 March 2023

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