Mixed traffic controls continue in Aksaray

Mixed traffic controls continue in Aksaray
Mixed traffic controls continue in Aksaray

Mixed traffic controls, which were initiated to prevent violations of traffic rules in Aksaray, continue uninterruptedly on busy streets and avenues.

The Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch teams of the Provincial Police Department continue uninterrupted mixed traffic inspections that they started against possible traffic rule violations that may occur on busy streets and streets throughout the city. In the evening, the teams inspecting Ebulfeyz Elçibey Street, Ankara Street, Pir Ali Sultan Street and the streets connected to it are checking seat belts, insurance, inspection, window film and exhaust. Vehicles are stopped one by one during the inspections carried out to prevent violations of traffic rules. In the inspection, where the driver’s license query is made, the insurance and inspection query of the vehicle is made through the POLCEP system. While listening to the exhaust of the vehicles at the points, it is also checked whether the drivers are wearing seat belts. While the teams that take part in the inspections, which continue until the late hours of the night, change every 2 hours, they are inspected on the streets and connected streets.

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