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20 thousand TL low interest loan gets approved in 3 minutes

Vakıfbank, HalkBank, Ziraat Bankası pay cash to those who go with their TC identity card. Being a customer of these banks is enough. A low interest loan of 20 thousand TL is obtained instantly for a single application.

VakıfBank, Ziraat Bank and Halkbank, which are the most preferred public banks by retirees, continue to provide private pension loans. State banks, which break the hearts of retirees especially during the promotion period, really open their mouths when it comes to low-interest loans. Low interest loans up to 20.000 TL are given by public banks instantly within 3 minutes. It is enough to go with a TR ID card and apply, no extra documents or documents are requested. All the details about the low-interest consumer loan campaign expected from state banks are in the continuation of our news…

SSK, BAĞ-KUR and banks’ low-interest consumer loan campaigns for retired civil servants continue without slowing down. Ziraat Bank, VakıfBank and Halkbank, which are among the most preferred public banks, are running low-interest loan campaigns for retirees. Especially in the promotion period, the banks that break the retirement a little bit open the taps to the end when it is called low-interest loan campaign. You can use a loan suitable for your budget from three public banks for all your needs. Ziraat Bank, VakıfBank and Halkbank, released one after another official announcement today. Instant approval is given to your low interest loan requests up to TL 20,000. All the details about the loan campaigns of public banks are in our news…


Ziraat Bank launched a personal consumer loan campaign for all retirees. Retirees in need of loans up to 20,000 TL can apply immediately to benefit from the low-interest campaign and get instant approval from Ziraat Bank. Ziraat Bank does not make any additional requests for the pension loan campaign. It is enough to go to the bank branch with only a tc identity card. Within the scope of the low-interest consumer loan campaign, 36-month maturity is applied for loans up to 20 thousand TL. You can benefit from Ziraat Bank’s campaign with monthly installments that fit your budget.


Again, Halkbank, one of the public banks, is among the banks that provide low-interest consumer loans for retirees. According to the announcement made on Halkbank’s official website, it is possible to use consumer loans with a 36-month maturity of 1.69. You can apply for a low-interest pension loan from bank branches, mobile banking and internet banking applications. It is also possible to use the payment to be deposited on your card within the same day. Halkbank does not require any additional conditions from its retired customers within the scope of its low-interest loan campaign. It is sufficient to apply only with a TR ID card.


Vakıfbank, which offers low-interest loans to retirees, does not require any additional conditions for consumer loans up to 20,000 TL. You can go to the branch with your TR ID card and complete the application process. At the same time, if you are a Vakıfbank customer, it will be possible to apply for low-interest loans on the mobile application but also through internet banking. Offering loan options suitable for all your needs, Vakıfbank offers a maturity of up to 36 months.

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