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The ground leveling phase of the factory of Turkey’s first domestic electric car, Togg, built in Gemlik, has come to an end. ABS Yapı, in the written statement it has made within the scope of the project it has undertaken, “The natural floor throughout the facility was upgraded in the most economical and fastest way, thanks to the reinforced concrete raised floor constructed using ABS Fill Blind Formworks made of recycled plastic” made statements.

The construction activities of the factory of Turkey’s first domestic electric car, Togg, which will be established on an open area of ​​approximately 1 million 200 thousand square meters in Bursa Gemlik, are about to be completed.

How much will the Togg cost? Estimated figure announced

ABS Yapı, which was involved in the construction activities of the factory, which is planned to have the first car off the band on October 29, 2022, by using ABS Fill Blind Formworks, announced that the factory’s ground leveling phase has come to an end with the recently added R&D building. ABS Yapı General Manager Okan Cüntay made the following assessment on the subject:

“The land on which Togg’s Gemlik factory will be built, which is Turkey’s most prestigious industrial project, is in an ideal location, but it was necessary to improve the ground on the building foundations and raise the ground level on the raft foundation against possible flooding. Such upgrades include crushed stone, sand It creates serious time and cost losses when it is made with natural materials suitable for compression, such as. In addition, the weight of the material fill increases the costs of soil improvement even more. We brought speed and cost savings to the project with the reinforced concrete raised floor, which was built using ABS Fill Blind Formworks that we brought to the construction sector during the raising of the ground in the project. At the same time, thanks to the column, arch and dome structure formed by the blind molds by shaping the concrete, we were able to completely eliminate the risks of settling, cracking and breakage that may occur over time.”


Okan Cüntay stated that ABS Fill Blind Formworks were used in an area of ​​more than 160 thousand square meters to construct the reinforced concrete raised floors of the factory. “Single-use molds made of recycled plastic material allow the creation of reinforced concrete raised floors up to 300 cm in all kinds of structures and thus filling in a light, fast, easy and economical way. The first domestic product with a National Technical Approval Certificate and G Mark. We are honored to bring ABS Filler Blind Molds, a group of companies, to Turkey’s most prestigious project” said.


Cüntay gave the following information about the gains of raising the floor with the reinforced concrete raised floor technique constructed using blind molds:

“During the project phase, the construction parameters were determined by conducting extensive surveys that lasted for about 6 months, and then these findings were confirmed by laboratory experiments of technical universities. Within the scope of the studies, the filling volume required for a total area of ​​160,000 square meters was reduced from 22,000 trucks to only 240 trucks of blind formwork. Soil improvement and The loads on the raft foundation were reduced from 4,200 kilograms to 700 kilograms per square meter, thus minimizing the loads on the foundation.The duration of the activities, which was expected to take 16 thousand man-days compared to traditional material fillings, was reduced to a thousand man-days and a huge time saving was achieved. A significant economic saving has been achieved compared to material fillings. Turkey’s first domestic electric car has gained a safe and economical basis.”


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