Ex-Chinese Justice Minister sentenced to death for bribery

Ex-Chinese Justice Minister sentenced to death for bribery
Ex-Chinese Justice Minister sentenced to death for bribery

In the bribery case at the Intermediate People’s Court in Changchun, central China’s Jilin province, Fu Cinghua received 117 million yuan (approximately $14.9 million) bribes through him and his relatives during his term as the Ministry of Justice, Beijing Public Security Bureau Director and Deputy Minister of Public Security. accused of taking

Bribe” and “abuse of powerThe ex-minister and chief of police, convicted of charges, was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension.

In the decision,Fu uses his official position and authority to benefit others in business activities, official appointments and judicial proceedings, and thereby gains unfair advantage.” was recorded.

Fu, 67, who served as Minister of Justice and a member of the Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee prior to his appointment as a member of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of China in May 2020, was detained last year as part of an investigation into senior police and judiciary members.

Fu was expelled from the Communist Party in March.

In a statement from the Communist Party’s Central Disciplinary Investigation Commission, Fu said, “He abandoned all his ideals and beliefs, never remained loyal to the party and the people, abandoned the party spirit and principles.“The accusations were made.


The case against the former Minister of Justice and the police chief was opened on 11 July. Fu admitted to all charges against him at the hearing held on July 29.


Three former police chiefs, who were detained in the same investigation as Fu, were sentenced to prison on the same charges in cases held in different cities of Hibey province yesterday.

Former Shanghai Police Chief Gong Daoan, 58, was sentenced to life imprisonment, former Chongqing Police Chief Ding Huilin, 57, was sentenced to 15 years, and former Shaanxi Police Chief, 60-year-old Liu Shinyun, 14 years.

The police chiefs were accused of forming a faction led by former Deputy Minister of Public Security Sun Licun, who was expelled from the Communist Party on corruption charges last year.

Former Minister of Justice Fu Cinghua, former Head of the Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of State Security responsible for intelligence Liu Yanping, and former Liaoning Deputy Chief of Police Vang Liki were also detained in the investigation into senior police, intelligence and judicial officials.

It is noteworthy that the trials were concluded before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party to be held next month.

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