Vira Gaza! They are setting out to stop Israel! Thousands have weighed anchor


1000 boats from many countries of the world will be in Turkey on Wednesday, November 22, against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. 4,500 people carrying passports from 40 different countries in the Israeli rebel fleet aim to reach Gaza by sea. The boats that will go to Gaza to protest Israeli brutality will depart from Turkey on November 23. There are also anti-Zionist Jews in the convoy. Volkan Okçu, who is responsible for the Turkey leg of the organization, which is the largest protest action to date, said that they want to shield the oppressed Palestinians from the sea and announce their screams to the whole world.

Speaking to our newspaper, Volkan Okçu said that the most intense participation came from Russia, with the Spanish coming second. Archer “The Russians are coming with 313 boats, the Spanish with 104 boats. He stated that 12 boat owners from Turkey will participate. We hope this number will increase. We will proceed by strictly following international rules and not giving any leverage to Israel. First, we will stop by Cyprus and make the necessary supplies. Our route after Cyprus will be Israel’s Port of Ashtod. “This is a reaction and an act of civil disobedience against Israel’s inhumane massacre.” said.

Okçu stated that many participants took their spouses and children with them on the boats that set off from different countries and cities of the world for Gaza, and said: Among these people are politicians, businessmen, writers, lawyers and academics. We are aware of the serious challenges that await us at this point. However, the Zionist regime seems to have no chance of attempting a second Mavi Marmara madness. Because the yachts are flagged by American, British, Luxembourg, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish and many other countries. There will not be even a single pocket knife in the vehicles. Israel has no excuse for intervention in international territorial waters. The moment we enter Gaza’s territorial waters, they can only search the most. Our goal is to disable the sea supply line to Israel, along with all civilian ships coming to support the genocide, for 1 week and 10 days. We have made all our preparations for this. I have full faith that we will successfully emerge from this holy expedition without falling apart or falling apart. We will carry out all these actions within the framework of international law. We will draw the whole world’s attention to Gaza once again and strongly.

Stating that he will participate in the Gaza expedition with his family, Volkan Okçu emphasized that he had the necessary meetings with the official authorities. “I said goodbye to everyone, after all, the power against us is Israel,” said Okçu, and continued: “We calculated all the costs and risks related to the journey. 1000 boats in that field is a very serious number. Israel cannot block us in international waters. He has no such right. His first job is to warn him via radio. Afterwards, you have the right to search and withdraw. But drugs, weapons etc. can make a call. It can do this in international waters. In Palestinian territorial waters, they have no authority other than to tow us to their ports with boats and ships and to impose fines. They would pay a heavy price for any madness they attempted against such a comprehensive international peace fleet. We are ready for any possibility. Most of our friends in the community think differently than me.

There are also anti-Zionist Jews in the fleet that will build a wall from a boat in the Gaza strip. Luxury boats will also take part in the action. Volkan Okçu stated that the protesters coming from Europe and the USA spent an average of 400 thousand TL. “There are 6-8 people on the boats, including the crew. I would like dozens of Turkish yachts to participate in this event. “We regret that it was around 15.”

Another issue that makes Okçu sad is that although there is such intense interest from so many Western countries, there is no participation from Arab countries. Turkish Activist defends the idea that the biggest participation should come from the Gulf and believes that they will act with the Navionics system in determining the route and make the action successful with common sense.

The article is in Turkish

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