UN 78th General Assembly convenes to support development and seek solutions to challenges

UN 78th General Assembly convenes to support development and seek solutions to challenges
UN 78th General Assembly convenes to support development and seek solutions to challenges

High-level representatives of 193 countries are participating in the high-level talks, which are held at the UN headquarters every September and will last until September 26 this year.

The President of the 78th UN General Assembly will be Dennis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago.

President Erdoğan will speak on the first day

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, representing Turkey in the General Assembly discussions, will take the floor on the first day.

Erdoğan will address the General Assembly in the 7th row on the first day, when Brazil, which traditionally speaks first, is followed by the host country, the USA.

Sustainable Development Goals, climate, epidemic preparedness and conflict zones are on the agenda

The General Assembly is convening this year with the theme of “Reestablishing trust and revitalizing global solidarity”.

At the Sustainable Development Goals Summit to be held within the scope of the talks, leaders will discuss the 2030 Agenda, a global action plan to achieve 17 goals.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres defined the UN General Assembly talks as “G 193” and said that his priority in the talks would be “breaking new ground” in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result of the talks, the adoption of a political declaration in this context is among the expectations.

Combating climate change, which stood out as another important issue during the talks, will be discussed at the Climate Goal Summit.

The necessity of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy will be discussed within the framework of the Climate Action Acceleration Agenda.

At the General Assembly, where the Covid-19 epidemic left its mark on the discussions in previous years, a meeting on “preparation for epidemics” will also be held this year. The focus will be on both lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and improving healthcare systems.

Funds and investments will be discussed at the Development Summit.

emphasis on reform

UN Secretary-General Guterres said, “Today’s multilateral institutions built after the Second World War reflect the political and economic power of that period.” and “Our multilateral institutions do not reflect today’s world.” With his statements, he clearly and frequently expresses that the UN needs reform.

It is predicted that one of the main agenda items of the leaders at the Future Summit, which will be held within the framework of the 78th UN General Assembly discussions, will be “reform”.

In this context, it is also expected that concrete recommendations will be presented to combat current challenges and threats.

It is thought that Ukraine will come to the fore in the high-level talks, where conflict points and wars around the world will also be discussed.

The fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who previously addressed the General Assembly with a video message, will attend on-site this year raises concerns in some circles that the main agenda items of the talks will be overshadowed.

At the talks, where the world’s eyes will be on New York for a week, the main expectation is that the leaders will produce “solutions to complex global challenges to advance peace, security and sustainable development”.

On the other hand, it is thought that differences between member countries may prevent taking a very big step.

It is noteworthy that among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China, England, France, Russia and the USA, only the host USA will participate in the talks at the presidential level.

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