A sincere politician or an ‘identity transplant’ politician?

A sincere politician or an ‘identity transplant’ politician?
A sincere politician or an ‘identity transplant’ politician?

The 14 May election results were a heavy blow not only to politicians who misunderstood Turkey, but also to academics, research companies, who presented their expectations as analysis, and of course, to journalists who commented on television mornings and evenings in the spirit of opinion leaders.
The socialist left, left-wing CHP and HDP, guided by them, politics Good Party articulated with engineering All right-wing political parties, including
In the words of foreign analysts, the second round “identity transfer”even to go will not change the result.
In the right or left opposition, a person who does not read and analyze the society correctly “secular” intellectual class was formed. Except for a few journalists. “We made a mistake” no one says.
What drives these circles, who are constantly losing, into error President Erdogan their inability to analyze their politics correctly… That’s why after 21 years, “How does the AK Party still win?” he can’t hide his surprise, even “new generation politician” marketed as Ekrem Imamoglu, “They’re stealing votes” takes refuge in lies.
However, behind today’s success is the fact of correctly analyzing the society and the historical process.
For example, the issue of Turkey experiencing a global blockade is a classic “external forces” fake or real imperialist siege is it? Let’s answer this question, the Minister of Internal Affairs, who has been in the hot struggle for about 8 years. Solomon Noble’Let’s listen from
Minister who carried out the toughest fight against terrorism and terrorism Noblesaid without deceit that the USA was behind terrorism, drug smuggling and the immigration problem in the recent period, and brought the word to historical reckoning and said:
“The most important meeting of Sivas Congress one of the conditions subject. Those who want the American buffalo there is. Two decisions come out of there. One: Only the nation can determine the future of the nation. can save… Two: Mandate and patronage unacceptable. This fight is still continues. Menderes for this was executed. February 28 that made for Türkiye has been this way for 104 years. gives the fight.”
Minister Noblethis approach also connects with the current regional wars and crises and makes the following determination:
“The war in Ukraine or Afghanistan we didn’t remove it. of the Libyan crisis We are not responsible either, but in our geography. we’re fighting it. West coalitions Turkey to destabilize carried over. this table continues. Recep Tayyip Erdogan This put an end to instability. Now They say we are strong, we have everything there is something. Even the US President will ‘punish’ says. We are not fighting the PKK, We are at war with America.”
Well, what do the politicians and intellectuals of the CHP, who oppose this analysis, and moreover boast of coming from within the National Struggle, say?
They’re not even there. Even Kilicdaroglu often “Where is this upper mind” wave had passed.
The situation of the left is even worse. The left, which boasted of firing the 6th Fleet in the 70s, is ignoring the USA’s supply of thousands of trucks of weapons to the PKKYPG in Syria today. President ErdoganHe watches the attack of the global media on , by rubbing his hands.
Except for a few left groups “imperialism” as if you breathe “enlightened, secular” partners.
The broad public, including the CHP and the patriotic base of the left, sees this fact. Today’s CHP administration and the left are surprised every time because they don’t see it and they are defeated at the ballot box.
Two final notes: from the Kemalist writers Tahir Canguler, Umit Ozdag’He wrote the following on the support of Kılıçdaroğlu: “Kemalists support Erdogan, Ümit Özdağ’s essence cannot be read.”
This too Attila Ilhan‘from: “From beyond Since I write, I say; business right and left It’s more than just a job. Work Turkey’s destiny, independence and future related.”

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