135-year-old message found under the parquet at home

135-year-old message found under the parquet at home
135-year-old message found under the parquet at home

In Edinburgh, Scotland, a home master found a 135-year-old message in a bottle under the floor.

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Peter Allan (50), who went to the house in question to install a radiator, lifted one of the floors, found the message hidden in the whiskey bottle, and immediately ran downstairs and informed the owner of the house.

Host Eilidh Stimpson was thrilled but waited for her eight and 10-year-olds to leave school to read the note.

Stimpson, a family doctor who lives in the house with his wife and children, spoke to BBC Scotland: “When I picked up the kids from school, I told them I was going to tell them something very exciting. They too ‘Are we going to eat a hot dog’ ‘ they asked excitedly. They made a few more guesses but none of them. When he finally said that they found a bottle with a message in the house, they were very excited that maybe it was a sign that there was a treasure.”

When Stimpson and his children got home, he first tried to open the bottle, but when he couldn’t, he broke it with a hammer and pulled out the note. The message written on paper had the signatures of two masters: “James Ritchie and John Grieve installed these floors. But he didn’t drink whiskey, October 6, 1887.”

And Allan said he had drilled a hole in any parquet to see where the pipes were and ‘even though he was not aware of its existence, he removed the parquet exactly where the bottle was’ told: ”I immediately went downstairs and said to the landlord, ‘Look what I found on the floor of the room’ I called out.”

It is thought that the room in which the bottle was found was the room of one of the employees when the house was first built.

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