British Foreign Minister spoke to the Turkish press! Montreux statement will make a sound

British Foreign Minister spoke to the Turkish press! Montreux statement will make a sound
British Foreign Minister spoke to the Turkish press! Montreux statement will make a sound

Cleverly, who was in New York for the 77th United Nations General Assembly Meetings, answered the questions of the AA correspondent. Evaluating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of mobilization after the loss of territory in eastern Ukraine, Cleverly said, “The declaration of mobilization shows that the war (for Putin) did not go as planned.” used the phrase.

“Putin had hoped to invade all of Ukraine in a few weeks, but now months later we see Ukrainian forces pushing back Russian forces over much of eastern Ukraine.” said Cleverly, continuing his words as follows:

“Our message to Vladimir Putin is that this illegal and unprovoked war is wrong. The best Putin can do is to withdraw his troops, let the Ukrainians regain control of their country and rebuild their economy. To support our call and the Ukrainian people.” we will continue.”

Cleverly said that after some Russian-occupied territories re-entered Ukraine, “Any fake referendum held here (in the east of Ukraine) will not be free, fair or legitimate, and will not reflect the true desire and will of the people in eastern Ukraine. What he should do is withdraw his troops rather than waste time and energy on these meaningless referenda.” made its assessment.


Regarding Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons, Cleverly said:

“We’ve seen Vladimir Putin’s aggressive rhetoric that has escalated tensions. What the world needs to understand, what the world needs to understand, is that we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians because they are defending their country. NATO has never been a threat to Putin. This war is an election and Putin He may choose to withdraw his army.”

Cleverly pointed out that Russia’s war against Ukraine increased the problems regarding food security, especially in the south. And it’s immoral and wrong for him to do that.” said.


Evaluating Turkey’s efforts to mediate between Ukraine and Russia as a NATO member country, Cleverly continued as follows: “We highly value Turkey’s role in negotiating the agreement on grain exports from the Black Sea and its efforts to protect the Montreux Convention. But ultimately (ending the war) is Russia’s responsibility… The contributions of both Turkey and other countries are valuable to us.”


When asked what kind of a solution the UK, as one of the guarantor countries, proposed a solution to the problem in Cyprus and whether it would recognize the TRNC as an independent state, Cleverly replied:

“Our stance on Cyprus is well known and remains consistent. We want to see a solution. Of course, we also have a great relationship with both Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. As the UK, of course, we want the problem to be solved, but our stance has been the same for a long time and has not changed.”


Clevery evaluated the stance of the UK, one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, regarding the increasing calls for reform:

“We want the UN to continue to be an influential voice on the world stage. To be effective, of course, all institutions need to evolve. We support UN reform, and of course we want to do this together with the international community. We need to ensure it continues to be effective, and reforms are important.”


When asked whether the British aircraft and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce had an effort or an objection to the British government’s stance on producing engines for the Turkish national combat aircraft, Cleverly replied as follows:

“Turkey is a NATO country, Rolls Royce is a British company and we are proud of it. Such negotiations are between the parties, but we as the UK are proud of our technology and engineering heritage. I am happy to see our friends around the world working with these great companies as well.”

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