Response from President Erdogan to the arrogant words of the Greek Foreign Minister: He is not my interlocutor

Response from President Erdogan to the arrogant words of the Greek Foreign Minister: He is not my interlocutor
Response from President Erdogan to the arrogant words of the Greek Foreign Minister: He is not my interlocutor

After attending the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in the USA, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered journalists’ questions by interviewing journalists at the Türkevi in ​​New York. While the tension on the Ankara-Athens line continued, Erdogan was also asked about the accusation of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, “How can the Greek community, whose number exceeded 100 thousand in Istanbul for a period, fall below 5 thousand today, let them explain this first”.


When asked about his views on not meeting with Greece and his views on the Greek Foreign Minister’s statements, Erdoğan replied: “I can’t have much to say about the Greek Foreign Minister, he is not my interlocutor. But Mr. Prime Minister, unfortunately, does not know their situation with Turkey. We are not a government that favors the reduction of the Greek population in Turkey. On the contrary, when I traveled in Bozcaada, Gökçeada, for example, I always asked our very few Greek citizens living there. , ‘Where are your children?’ ‘in America.’ ‘Bring them to live here,’ he said. I said, ‘I can’t bring my child from America.’ “What does this show? So he has no desire to live in Turkey. Our door is open if he did. We would have given citizenship to that child if he didn’t have citizenship. It was very meaningful once, his family allowed someone to marry a Turkish girl.” He didn’t say, ‘If you ask me for help, I’ll try.’ I said, “There’s also a certain number of members of the You Synod Assembly. You Synod Assembly fell to 7. Since it did not have a certain number, I said to Patriarch Bartholomew, ‘You bring the priests from outside, I will give them citizenship because Turkey Republic of Turkey, so that you have completed the Synod Assembly.’ That’s how they did it. But the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs does not know about them. They are wandering in space. Our door is always open, we also give citizenship.”

Emphasizing that they never expelled any Greek from the country during their time, Erdoğan said, “But the persecution of our citizens and compatriots in Western Thrace has no limit. , from its structure? Have we made such an effort? Did we get up and appoint the priests here, etc.? No.” made its assessment.


President Erdoğan said, “What is the latest situation regarding the F-16? Will the talks for the F-16 also pave the way for the F-35?” On the question, he said that they are currently interested in purchasing the F-16. Expressing that they had positive talks with US President Joe Biden on this issue, Erdoğan said that he also had some meetings with Republican senators on this issue.

Stating that Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar is also holding talks with his interlocutor, Erdoğan said: “The weather is developing in a positive direction. We hope that this positive atmosphere will continue. I think we will get results from this business as soon as possible. At the reception with Mr. Biden. “We couldn’t find the opportunity to have a wide-ranging meeting. Later, we may have the opportunity to discuss these issues through telephone diplomacy, but we will follow the process with the meetings of our Minister of National Defense and our Minister of Foreign Affairs. As of now, developments are going in a positive direction.”

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