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After Russian President Putin announced partial mobilization, those who did not want to go to war began to leave their country.
The Russian Ministry of Defense said that 300 thousand reserve soldiers would be called, but those who thought that this number would increase, panicked and turned to the airline companies.
All of a sudden, international ticket prices skyrocketed.

Non-stop flights from Moscow to Istanbul and Yerevan have sold out, according to data from Russia’s popular airline ticket website Aviasales. There is no room left for transit routes such as Moscow-Tbilisi.
The price of the cheapest ticket from the capital to Dubai also climbed to 5 thousand dollars.
In the images taken from the flight tracking site FlightRadar24, it is seen that the majority of the planes departing from Russia go to Turkey, Armenia and Georgia.

In addition, the Russians fleeing from Russia formed long queues on the Georgian border.
I wonder what happened to the Russian who kept the natural gas stove in his house open 24 hours and made a nazire to European countries with a Twitch broadcast? I wonder if he bought a ticket too!
The coming war is no joke. Knowing this, Russian young people are fleeing their country in order not to fight.
You see, whoever finds himself in a difficult situation, whether Syrian, Ukrainian or Russian, is the first country they seek refuge in Turkey.
This shows that we are a strong and tolerant country. I hope there will not be a wave of immigration from Russia as some claim!
Every foreigner who takes refuge in the country first increases house prices and rents!


When the little phenomenon Fevzi Kaan sang Sefo’s song ‘Isabelle’, the song took on a different dimension.
Fevzi’s awful ‘cover’ was taken to ti because he was a kid and it was shared a lot on social media.
Sefo also took Fevzi to his concert. As expected, Fevzi again hit the wrong notes and sang the song wrong. But this one got more applause.

Then rocker Ufuk Beydemir criticized Sefo by posting “This is the level, this is the bonus”. “I am fulfilling the dream of a 12-year-old boy,” said Sefo, and the discussion escalated.
Ufuk is right to criticize the attention of a child with zero talent, but there is no point in raising it too much. Nobody participates in Eurovison. The goal is to have fun!
In an environment where Fevzi’s incompetence is criticized, we can call Ufuk a well-behaved rocker who is “sensuous” on social media. If you say Sefo, you are in despair of using the digital sound effect ‘autotune’, which camouflages the ugly sounds!
In fact, the level is always low, everyone manages somehow!


The FIA ​​has announced the Formula 1 2023 calendar. Compared to 2022, it opens the 2023 season 15 days earlier and closes it six days later.
In the 2023 season, which will start in Bahrain on March 5, 2023, for the first time in F1 history, 24 races will be held in a season.
Unfortunately, the Turkish GP is not included in the 2023 calendar. F1 race will not be held in Turkey in 2023 unless there is a country that leaves the 2023 calendar.
Turkey had been the savior of the FIA ​​during the difficult period when some countries, such as the pandemic, left the organization.
Especially in 2020! We got this chance in 2021.
But when the pandemic was over, rich Arab countries immediately opened their doors to F1!
Some say that the chaos experienced in the entrance and exit of spectators last year was the effect of Turkey not being included in the race calendar.
Yes, there was a lot of trouble, but money always talks in F1! Whoever gives more money and allocates resources to the organization will be on the race calendar!


The Taliban, which is in control of Afghanistan, announced that it will ban the mobile game PUBG on the grounds that it incites violence. The ban will come into effect in three months. And so Afghanistan will be a safe and peaceful place?

In a country where there is constant conflict, PUBG does not work anyway!
I think the management said there is no need to play when there is truth.


It is said that the ex-girlfriend of the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, and the mother of his two children, singer Grimes, had plastic surgery and had ‘Elf ears’ done.

Elves, one of the most loved characters of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ novel, are known for their flawless beauty and distinctive ears.
Grimes previously asked, “Has anyone had a good result from their elven ear surgery?” He stated that he wanted to have Elven ears all his life by asking the question.
Recently, he shared a bandaged photo of his face on his Twitter account and wrote, “I did something crazy!” note dropped.
The singer didn’t comment on the matter, but fans are convinced she got ‘elf ears’ done.
Grimes doesn’t get plastic surgery to be beautiful! He wants to identify with the fantastic Elf character. And it makes a difference with its ‘cyberpunk’ style.


Chinese automotive giant Chery has applied for a patent for the ejection seat developed for cars.
This seat will be thrown out of the vehicle in the event of an unavoidable accident, saving the driver and passengers from injury or death. Your seat is no different from a regular car seat. The only difference is that it has a five-point seat belt like in racing cars or fighter planes.

So, how is this seat going to pop? Will it be decided by artificial intelligence or the driver? How will this decision be implemented in a 2-3 second accident? The only alternative answer to these questions is the famous car in the movie ‘James Bond’, which was released in 1964… Bond’s vehicle had an ejection seat and when the button was pressed, the roof panel opened!
This technology has been tried for many years. Let’s say the technology has developed and the launch process has begun to be implemented. It has a down too! For example, what if you have to land in the middle of the road?
If this technology came to us, many would try it out of boredom!


“There’s no advantage to being nice, thoughtful, sensitive, and dignified. There’s even a downside.” (After Life)

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