He poured kerosene on it and set it on fire! Father-son creepy homework fight

Compiled by: Can Şişman / Milliyet.com.tr – He sat at the head of the table and took out the notebooks from his bag one by one. He had a lot of homework to do, and he hadn’t started any of them yet. All he wanted at that moment was to go to his friends and fly a kite. Looking out the window, he gathered his courage and asked his father, who was fighting with his mother, to go out. His father’s reaction to the boy who said he wanted to go to his friends was harsh. The frightening family tragedy that the man, who went mad at his son’s insistence, would not be easily erased from memory.


They lived in Karachi, Pakistan. He and his mother and father were fighting for survival in a crowded slum of the city. His mother was not working. The entire burden of the family was on the shoulders of father Nazir Khan. Shaheer Khan was just 12 years old and had just entered puberty. He didn’t like going to school or studying. For this very reason, they often quarreled with his father, who had a harsh temperament. The father, who did not want his son to be lazy, put a lot of pressure on his son who did not study.

Nazir Khan did not want his son to be an uneducated person like himself. What he attributed to his son was that he was a successful businessman, had no financial difficulties and even helped themselves. The more his son gets lazy, the more aggressive he gets by his temperament.Shazia Khan, the mother, who was in the middle of the arguments between father and son, was making an intense effort to build a bridge between the two with worried eyes in every fight. Mother Shazia Khan had managed to calm the duo for 12 years. However, on September 14, 2022, things would not go as expected.


His father was on leave that day and was at home. The argument that started between her parents at breakfast was still going on when she stepped through the door that afternoon. He had begun to hear the voices in the house before he even got home. He walked straight home after school, but on the way, his friends had told him that they were going to fly a kite on a warm September day. His heart was in favor of going to his friends and flying a kite. But for this, he had to get permission from his parents first.

Knowing that his father was at home that day, he had to return home without delay. Otherwise, his father might explode in anger, and once again there would be a fight in the Khan family that only mother Shazia Khan could prevent. Moreover, the fierce fight that took place during breakfast was still in his mind. He was terrified of his father’s uncontrolled reactions. The 12-year-old boy, who just smiled at his friend and made his way home, was not yet aware that he would never be able to fly a kite again.


As soon as he got home, he threw himself into the toilet. The arguments of his parents were about to drown out the voices from the television. He calmly washed his hands and face. Then she went to her room and changed, and she walked into the living room with her bag. Quietly sitting at the table in the living room Shaheer Khan waited for the tension between his parents to end. Meanwhile, he placed the notebooks and books in his bag on the table. His ear was on his parents. After a few minutes of silence, the mother went into the kitchen. Looking out the window, she gathered her courage and went to her father.

The boy, who told his father that he wanted to go to his friends, got an unexpected reaction. Having been in tension with his wife for hours, Khan had a fit of anger when his son wanted to go out with his friends on the street without doing his homework again. The man who had insulted his son was now out of control. Knocking the furniture around the sofa, Khan quickly left the room. The mother, accustomed to loud noises in the house, was unaware of the seriousness of the situation and continued to sit quietly in the kitchen chair. 12-year-old Shaheer Khan waited for his father to return to the room, trying to remain calm. Shaheer Khan had not been able to calculate the extent of the horror his father would inflict.


Returning to the room in anger, father Nazir Khan was insulting on the one hand and sprinkling kerosene on his son on the other. The 12-year-old boy could not yet understand what his father was doing, and he was uneasy because of his father’s angry actions and called out to his mother. However, mother Shazia Khan was late to return to the hall in the face of her son’s cries. Father Nazir Khan was standing in front of his son, on whom he poured kerosene, with a lighter in his hand. Shocked by what she saw, the woman wanted to intervene with her husband, but it was too late for everything.

Her husband, who was outraged, set fire to his son, who had spilled kerosene on him, with a lighter in his hand. Shaheer Khan’s body was on fire, his cries of pain making the house groan. Mother Shazia Khan, who saw her son burning in flames, rushed to her bedroom to put out the fire and quickly draped a blanket over her son. But the woman was racing with the seconds. Even the moment he ran from the living room to the bedroom, his son’s body was seriously injured. While his wife was trying to save his son, the murderous father Nazir Khan was standing in awe, watching what was going on. He was trying to realize that he was the architect of a great family tragedy.

He poured kerosene on it and set it on fire. Father-son dreadful homework fight


12-year-old Shaheer Khan was quickly rushed to the hospital with the help of neighbors. He fought for his life for two days, but his skin was covered with severe burns due to the wounds on his body. Shaheer Khan passed away two days after the disastrous event. The struggling mother Shazia Khan was devastated in the hospital. The police quickly detained father Nazir Khan. Baba Khan admitted his guilt.

He said that he wanted to teach his son, who was not doing homework, a lesson and that he wanted to scare him. The father, whose argument said that his son gave him negative answers and that he was infuriated because of it, was sent to prison. Speaking about the event that raised the country, the painful mother Shazia Khan told the press members who viewed her with tears that she would fight for her son. Father Nazir Khan is expected to receive a life sentence in the case, which will begin to be heard in the coming days.

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