LAST MINUTE: World media wrote about Turkey!

The role he played in the prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia, the reaction to the referendum move, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speech at the United Nations (UN) summit. The world media is writing about Turkey with many news.

International news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) wrote that Turkey also joined the NATO countries that made a statement against the referendums to be held in the four regions under Russian occupation in Ukraine. The agency reported that Ankara described the referendums in question as “illegal”.

The Financial Times newspaper, in its news titled ‘Turkey criticizes Russia’s attempt to annex Ukraine’, states that Ankara has shown its first official reaction to the referendum plan. Noting that Ankara emphasized Ukraine’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty, the newspaper quoted the official statement:

“Such illegitimate fait accomplis will not be recognized by the international community. On the contrary, it will complicate efforts to revive the diplomatic process and lead to deepening instability.”

According to the FT, Turkey is asking Russia to leave the occupied Ukrainian territory as part of a peace deal to be signed, and the referendums in question are a move that has upset Ankara. The Financial Times also reminded that Turkey, a NATO member, has established close economic relations with Russia and mediated in the Ukraine war.


Using the headline ‘Turkey condemns Russia’s illegal voting in Ukraine’, Al Arabiya wrote that Ankara has never recognized the 2014 referendum in Crimea, where the same tactic was applied by Vladimir Putin.


The American Associated Press (AP) news agency reports that the ‘high-level’ prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine has come to life. Noting that the largest prisoner exchange took place since February 24, when the invasion began with the mediation of Turkey, the AP said that among the names released by Russia are the Azov Battalion commanders who surrendered at the Azovstal Steel Factory in Mariupol. The port city of Mariupol, which was wiped off the map after weeks of bombardment by the Russians, changed hands in the spring.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin traded 200 Ukrainians for just one: Viktor Medvedchuk. Medvedchuk, 68, a Ukrainian, escaped from house arrest days before the Russian invasion, but was captured once again by the Ukrainians in April.

Defining pro-Russian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk as ‘Putin’s ally’, the EP recalled that the former Ukrainian deputy was tried by the Kyiv administration on charges of ‘treason’. The godfather of Viktor Medvedchuk’s daughter was the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

AFP news agency, on the other hand, noted that the five Ukrainian commanders on the exchange list were taken to Turkey in accordance with the agreement with President Erdogan, and that they will stay in Turkey until the end of the war.

World media write about Turkey: Erdogan is one of the two most watched leaders


The American Washington Post newspaper wrote that Turkish President Erdogan and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman mediated the release of nearly 300 people, including two US and three British ex-soldiers.

Saying that ‘Ukraine and Russia carried out an unexpected prisoner exchange’, the BBC states that the Kyiv administration, which describes the exchange as a ‘great success’, emphasizes Turkey’s help. BBC correspondent Hugo Bachega, based in Kiev, Ukraine, comments that the timing of the prisoner exchange is interesting:

“It took place just hours after Putin announced on television a ‘partial mobilization’ and announced that a referendum would be held in the areas occupied by Russia in Ukraine. Recent developments have been made by Russia, which is facing losses in front of the Ukrainian forces retaking their occupied territory by counter-offensive. seen as ‘an escalation of tensions’. The trades raised the question: Why now?”


The American New York Times, on the other hand, highlighted President Erdogan’s speech in the plenary hall in its news titled, “Russia’s occupation eclipses the UN summit in the midst of ‘massive global dysfunction’.”

Saying that “Turkish leader Erdogan and French leader Emmanuel Macron used the UN meeting as a stage showing themselves as mediators in the Ukraine war,” the newspaper reported that Erdogan met with his Russian counterpart, Putin, in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, before flying to New York.

World media write about Turkey: Erdogan is one of the two most watched leaders

The New York Times, which wrote that the Turkish leader called on Putin to return the lands he occupied in Ukraine, underlined that the French leader Macron, who took the podium the same day as Erdoğan, achieved little “success” despite being in contact with Moscow for months. Describing Macron as the leading spokesman for the anti-Russian Western alliance, speaking at the UN tribunal on Tuesday, the newspaper said that despite this, the French leader insisted on mediation.

The New York Times, which wrote that President Erdogan played a central role in the negotiations that ensured the transportation of Ukrainian grain to the world, commented that the Turkish leader also mentioned his role at the UN tribune. The newspaper, Erdogan and Macron, Queen II. He also noted that in the absence of US leader Joe Biden, who flew to London for Elizabeth’s funeral, they were the two leaders whose speeches were most closely followed at the UN on Tuesday.

World media write about Turkey: Erdogan is one of the two most watched leaders


Al Jazeera, on the other hand, said, ‘Can the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) be an alternative to the West for Turkey?’ published an article entitled. Stating that President Erdogan has clearly expressed his goal of full membership to the organization, Al Jazeera emphasized that Turkey’s relations with the West are tense. The publication commented that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is not seen as an alternative to NATO. In NATO, an attack on a member is considered to be an attack on the entire alliance, and Article 5 becomes active.

The article is in Turkish

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