Armed unmanned sea vehicle Sancar at the African Aviation and Defense Fair

Developed with the cooperation of HAVELSAN and Yonca-Onuk within the Turkish defense industry, the Sancar armed unmanned sea vehicle (SİDA) was showcased for the first time at the fair in South Africa.

African Aviation and Defense Fair AAD 2022 in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, continues with the participation of Turkish defense industry companies. HAVELSAN exhibits examples of its solutions that respond to different needs in the military and civilian fields at the fair.

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said that more than 20 Turkish companies took part in the fair and that they also participated in the fair for the first time in this region.

Pointing out that there was a great interest in the event, Nacar stated that since the Republic of South Africa is the gateway to the African continent and a commercial center, there were visitors from many countries in the region and they held many meetings.

Armed unmanned sea vehicle Sancar at African Aviation and Defense Fair – VIDEO

“African market is big”

According to the news of AA; Nacar stated that as HAVELSAN, they have been working on business development in Africa since 2020, and that they follow up on business in West and Central Africa through country representatives. Emphasizing that they had the opportunity to meet with those customers and to get to know other companies doing business in Africa at the fair, Nacar said that the African market is large and that there are needs for border and city security as well as defense.

nacar, “We know that there are countries with relatively low budgets and poor economic conditions here. For this, we can easily see that we can do business in this region with the interstate defense industry cooperation protocols and different financing models. Business development requires effort. Working in the region 2 We’ve started for years.” said.

First products on the field very soon

Stating that they included examples of their work in the field of command control and combat management system and unmanned autonomous systems at the fair, Nacar said:

“We added our third element to the autonomous systems and completed the trio. At previous fairs, we always used to call it unmanned under-cloud aircraft, unmanned land vehicles, at this fair we had the opportunity to exhibit the unmanned surface sea vehicle for the first time. We now have hybrid models in which they will operate jointly with herd intelligence. We are working on a software-intensive, artificial intelligence supported system for the purpose. Our products, especially unmanned aerial and land vehicles, will be on the field in the near future. We know that there is a great interest in sea vehicles in Africa. We hope that the unmanned autonomous sea vehicle will find a market here as well. we do.”

Nacar also spoke about whether the timetable for the entry of unmanned systems into the inventory has been clarified. “There are situations that have become clear. Tests have been made in the field for a long time, and now decisions have been made. Very soon, by the end of the year, we will be able to see the first products in the field. As these are used, as the needs become clearer, they will be updated and more platforms will be introduced to the field. We will find the opportunity to give.” used the phrases.

Armed unmanned sea vehicle Sancar at the African Aviation and Defense Fair #3

Armed unmanned sea vehicle Sancar at the African Aviation and Defense Fair #4

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