Ar F-35 blow! They were officially planted back

The Swiss government’s signing of a final purchase contract for the F-35 and the withdrawal of the popular referendum on the purchase of 36 jets this week points to William Tell-esque for Lockheed Martin. This decision was interpreted by defense experts as a real blow to Europe’s war producers.

On Monday, the Swiss Federal Office of Armaments (Armasuisse) continued to ratify the final agreement for the $6.2 billion purchase of 36 F-35A Lightning IIs, despite an ongoing attempt to force a referendum on the specific F-35 selection. The initiative garnered enough signatures to trigger a public vote, but was pulled back in a surprise move by the organizers of the Day.


Supporters of the ‘Stop the F-35A’ initiative, which justifies the withdrawal, said that a countrywide vote would be meaningless as understanding could not change the course. Priska Seiler Graf, Deputy Minister of the Zrih Canton Social Democratic Party, told the Swiss public broadcaster SRF: “We do not want to play a fake where the semen cannot have a real say in the real buying decision.”

Aside from possible long-term legal challenges, the F-35 purchase in Switzerland was a fait accompli, and it appears to have been a galvanized win for the F-35 in one of the European countries that was once the least likely to be considered. But the truth is that most of the major Continental powers, from Poland in the east to Norway in the northwest, have purchased F-35s. The pending realms of Finland, Germany and the additional Republic fill the map even further. Add the UK soon and it would be fair to say that Europe is the “F-35 Country”.

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