Denying the allegation of arms exports from North Korea: We did not sell weapons to Russia, the USA should keep its mouth shut

The New York Times, which reached the declassified documents in the US intelligence, said that Russia’s North KoreaHe claimed to have bought millions of artillery shells and rockets from Turkey. White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Director John Kirby held a meeting via Zoom and made statements confirming this claim. Russia’s North KoreaExpressing that he may have received millions of rockets and artillery shells from Turkey, Kirby added that there is no indication that these weapons have been used in the field yet.


Reports that Pyongyang is selling artillery shells and rockets to Moscow North KoreaA written statement came from State-controlled Korea Center by the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of National Defense’s Equipment Bureau. News In the statement made to the KCNA Agency (KCNA), it was stated that the claims of the USA were not true, and “We have never exported weapons and ammunition to Russia before and we do not plan to export them. It is not clear where the rumor spread by the USA originated, but the rumors aim to tarnish our country’s image.


“We warn the United States to stop making reckless statements about our country and keep its mouth shut,” the statement said.

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