Mysterious death in London shocked

Yesterday at noon, I received very sad news. Leyla Çiftkurt, the 24-year-old daughter of Aslı Çetiner, one of the famous names of the high society, with businessman Tahsin Çiftkurt, was found dead in her home in London, where she was studying at university.

When Aslı Çetiner could not hear from Leyla for two days, she called her university in London, and when she learned that she did not go to school, she asked her friends for help. Leyla’s friends had a great shock when they entered her house accompanied by the police. Unfortunately, Leyla was found dead in her home.

Destroyed by this sad news, Aslı Hanım flew to London yesterday. The police have not yet made a statement about Leyla’s mysterious death, but it is spoken in the society that Leyla may have committed suicide. I wish God’s mercy on Leyla, who mourned her family and fans, and patience for her fans.

January 29 was Tansa Mermerci Ekşioğlu’s birthday. This birthday was very meaningful for Ms. Tansa, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the previous summer and recovered after her treatment ended last May.

Tansa, who entered her new age in good health after long, painful and anxious days, celebrated this meaningful birthday with her family and close friends. Mother Ender Hanım and life partner Herman von Alkamade, her brother Derin Mermerci and her lover Murat Aslan and Murat-Arzu Atabarut couple attended the celebration organized by her husband Can Ekşioğlu in a hotel in Bebek. I wish Ms. Tansa many healthy years.

It turns out that Ronit Hakko, the wife of Cem Hakko, whom we know with his fondness for sports, is no less than his wife. Cem Bey, who is involved in many sports, including extreme sports, is also a good rider. As you can see in the photo on the side, it turns out that Ms. Ronit was also a rider.

And a good rider to pose like this! The Hakko couple, who went to their house in Bolu Mountain alone last weekend, went to the equestrian sports club near their house and rode for hours. In the meantime, the voices of those who gossip about the couple’s marriage are now completely out of breath.

Ebru Erberbi, the owner of the catering company, who is one of the indispensable organizers of the social events, organized a party for herself this time. Ebru Hanım, who set up a long table in her company, gathered her close friends from the world of business, society, art and media around that table.

Ebru Hanım, who set up a very elegant table, prepared the delicious appetizers, meals and desserts she offered with her own hands. Ebru Erberdi also had a surprise for her guests at the friendly dinner, where chat and laughter were not missing. Ebru Hanım, who sang a Bosnian song with a naked voice, surprised everyone with her voice and interpretation.

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