Big support from the USA to Ukraine: Abrams tanks are ready

Big support from the USA to Ukraine: Abrams tanks are ready
Big support from the USA to Ukraine: Abrams tanks are ready

According to a statement from a US official, US President Joe Biden, starting tomorrow M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine announced that they will.


The official who gave information on the subject said, “President Biden will announce that he will supply Ukraine M1 Abrams tanks this week, tomorrow at the earliest” said.

The official said there could be “a battalion of Abrams” in the package to be announced. He said that corresponds to 30 to 50 tanks.


This step of the Washington administration is due to Germany’s reluctance to supply tanks to Ukraine before the United States and the supply of German-made tanks to the Ukrainian army by other states. on disapproval came.

US officials speaking to the press during the day, Washington is inclined to supply tanks to Ukraine under a diplomatic agreement with Germany. had stated.

Accordingly, in return for Germany’s approval of giving Leopard tanks from its own inventory to Ukraine and the approval of Poland and other states to offer their German-made tanks to Ukraine’s use, the USA also M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine will provide.

The U.S. administration refused to give Abrams tanks to Ukraine, citing maintenance, maintenance and training. not suitable at this stage. was suggesting.


However, officials speaking to the US media are convinced that Washington’s position He suggested that changed in a phone call between Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Sholz on January 17.

The White House and Pentagon did not comment on these allegations, but Pentagon Spokesman, Brigadier General Partick Ryder, simply said that they discussed the needs of the Ukrainian army with the allies.

On January 18-20, defense ministers of 50 countries, known as the Ukraine Contact Group, came together at the Ramstein base in Germany to discuss the Ukraine agenda.

At the meeting, Germany’s involvement in Ukraine before the United States announced that he will not give tanks had been claimed.

Germany also wants to export German-made tanks to Ukraine. His disapproval also caused controversy.

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