Bioimitation, nanotechnology and Risale-i Nur

Bioimitation, nanotechnology and Risale-i Nur
Bioimitation, nanotechnology and Risale-i Nur

A good article we read on biomimetics, biomimicry (bioimitation) reminded us of the wonderful examples of biomimicry of the Risale-i Nur, which were covered from beginning to end.

Biomimetics, biomimicry are the branches of science that try to meet the needs of people by examining, inspired and imitating these divine designs and models in nature.

Biomimicry has a lot to learn about the main idea, motif, model, measure and mind from the universe. “Nature is my business and design mentor, a model for my lifestyle,” said David Oakley, product strategist at Interface. Biomimicry is a way of learning from nature.”

Bediuzzaman, who has a magnificent “multiple intelligence” and a great observation, discovered the branch of biomimetic (bioimitation) science from the Qur’an and the “book of the universe” perhaps a century ago, and equipped the Risale-i Nur with examples from beginning to end. However, it draws social and spiritual rather than technical implications and provides countless inspirations and formulas.

For example, ant and bee nations are republican… (see, Rays, p. 317.) That is, the members of this group do not interfere with the work of the other, but do justice; describe the location of fodder and flowers consultation, division of labor, etc. features like…

For example, the famous nightingale bird; Fâtır-ı Hakim employs that well-known animal with the love of roses. Considering the use of it for five purposes contains magnificent lessons. (see Sözler, p. 319.) In Ayetü’l-Kübra, particles, rain, etc. “The sad murmur of the Volga River and the squeaky swirl of the rain and the frigid wind blowing awakened me temporarily from a deep sleep of heedlessness. (Lem’alar, p. 234,) “The cypress represents unity, the wind is “Huu”; the purr of the cat “Ya Rahim, Ya Rahim”; each particle of air combines “huu” with “hüve”, that is, Him. [Yaratıcı’yı] to tell; the chanting of the waves saying “Ya Celil or Celil”… I said to my soul:

“Oh, look at this fly. He wipes and sweeps his wings and eyes with his very tiny, elegant hands. He sees everything. You, of course, should serve your body as much as he does”, I convinced him. “We bless the person who inspires this fly to teach humility and makes me a master. With it, I persuade and bind my soul.” (Mesnevi-i Nuriye, Institute/internet, p. 69.)

Reading the Risale-i Nur from the perspective of biomimetics, biomimicry (biomimicry), and nanotechnology opens the door to great inspirations and inferences…

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