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Can Ozcelik

The investigation into the murder of Serbian Skaljari gang leader Jovan Vukotic in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy has been completed.

In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, 16 defendants were charged with “establishing an armed criminal organization” and “murdering by design”.

Photographs showing the torture of Risto Mijanovice were also included in the investigation file.

Odatv has accessed those photos.

abducted in Istanbul, killed by torture

Risto Mijanovic, a Montenegrin citizen, was kidnapped from a restaurant in Uskumruköy, Istanbul on September 11, 2020.

After he was killed, he was transported in a doblo vehicle and buried behind the villa belonging to drug smuggler Zeljko Bojanic in Zekeriyaköy.

Serbian gang leader Zeljko Bojanic, wanted by Europol, was caught in his villa in Zekeriyaköy on 4 November 2022.

In the statement made at that time, it was stated that no evidence of murder was found during the excavations.


Photographs related to the torture incident, which is under investigation, were also sent by Serbian authorities.

In the information note from Serbia, it was stated that the photographs of Risto Mijanovic were also included in the flash memory seized from Radoje Zivkovic.

In the first of the photos included in the murder file, it is seen that Risto Mijanovic, who was killed by torture, is sitting on a chair naked with his hands and mouth tied.

In the second photo, there is the laundry room of Zeljko Bojanic’s villa. In the examination, it was determined that the place in the photo where Risto Mijanovic is naked and the laundry room of the villa are the same room.

In the third photo in the file, it was explained in detail that the torture room and the laundry room were the same.

The photo comparison in the file was as follows:

“The wall, door, closet, washer and washer dryer in the photograph Risto Mijanovic is attached to are exactly the same, and in the light of all these photographs, the photograph of Risto Mijanovic with a naked man standing on his head, with his hands tied, is the Villa 167 of Zeljko Bojanic. It was understood that it was the laundry room located in the basement.


“However, the tiles of the laundry room, sauna and corridor in the basement were replaced with square tiles while they were rectangular, the tiles of the shoe room in the same basement floor are still rectangular, and at this stage, when interviewed with the site authorities, it was stated that the tiles in the basement floor had a rectangular shape in the past. It has been understood.”


In the third and fourth photos in the investigation file, Risto Mijanovic is seen lying on the ground with his hands and mouth tied. It was stated that the place, which is covered with blue and white stones, is actually a villa. It was understood that this place was tried to be closed by throwing construction rubble.


The villa also underwent extensive renovations in August 2021, clearing the site of the murder.


This information was described by the 4 photographs included in the investigation file as follows:

“In the comparison of the photographs of the alleged burial of Risto Mijanovic and the photographs of Villa 167 taken as part of the operation; It was understood that the garden corner lighting lamps indicated in blue were also available during the garden renovation phase, but the lighting lamps were removed and replaced during the renovation.


It has been determined that the pine trees indicated in red are still present after the renovation, and the trees indicated in purple were removed during the renovation phase and no trees were planted again. It was understood that Risto Mijanovic’s body was buried in the area indicated in green, but after the garden renovation, the body was taken from there and moved to a place that could not be identified at this stage, and the place where the body was buried was built as a warehouse.

Can Ozcelik


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