Fenerbahce is firing Ozan Suncak, whom he signed yesterday! Allegations of PKK sharing…

FENERBAHÇE is sending 18-year-old midfielder Ozan Suncak, who was transferred from Germany and signed today. Things got mixed up after Suncak’s claim that he supported a post against the PKK…


Fenerbahçe added 18-year-old midfielder Ozan Suncak, who grew up in Stuttgart infrastructure and played in Reutlingen U19, and also plays in the youth national team, to its staff by signing a contract yesterday. However, Ozan Suncak’s social media posts in favor of the PKK emerged in a short time.

Signed a 3-year contract

Making reinforcements to strengthen its infrastructure, Fenerbahçe added 18-year-old midfielder Ozan Suncak from Germany during the World Cup break. Some of the social media posts of the young football player, with whom the yellow-dark blue team signed a 3-year amateur contract 24 hours ago, caused a crisis.

Social media posts

An immediate termination decision was taken for Suncak, whose posts on Twitter allegedly containing PKK propaganda were reflected to the public. In the statement made by Ozan Suncak’s management company, “The sharing in question does not belong to Ozan Suncak. We will seek the rights of our player before the law against those who share and reproduce.” it was said.

Negotiations for termination of contract started

The fans, who demanded that Ozan Suncak, who allegedly supported a post about the terrorist organization PKK on social media, to be dismissed from the team, took action. After the issue became the agenda, Fenerbahçe Club started negotiations with the player’s lawyer to terminate the 3-year amateur contract signed with Ozan Suncak, whom he transferred to the academy.

Who is Ozan Suncak?

18-year-old midfielder Ozan Suncak, who grew up in Stuttgart infrastructure in Germany, played in Reutlingen U19 and also plays in our youth national team, was born on July 31, 2004.

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