Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance from Turkey Insurance

Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance from Turkey Insurance
Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance from Turkey Insurance

Turkey Insurance, with its Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance, prepared specifically for the agency sales channel, offers coverage for the treatment costs that may occur in emergencies, from injuries as a result of traffic accidents to heart attacks, from electric shocks to drowning in water.

For sudden situations that may adversely affect human health in daily life and require urgent intervention.Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance“designer Turkey InsuranceWith the product, it ensures the health of all individuals between the ages of 18-70, even in emergencies. Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance, which is prepared specifically for male and female insured, offers a tailored emergency health insurance in addition to the coverage package.

Making a statement about the new product, Tuba Buldu, Deputy General Manager for Health of Turkey Insurance, said, “As Turkey Insurance, the health insurance we have prepared for emergencies, protects both your budget and your health, while covering your internal/surgical hospitalization, room-meal and intensive care expenses within the coverage limits. It also offers free check-up service. It also includes an expanded Dental Package prepared specifically for the needs and an Eye Protection Package for eye health.”

Mammography and PSA are also covered

Stating that the product is personalized for male and female policyholders, Buldu said, “Our product, specially prepared for our female and male policyholders, offers free mammography or breast ultrasound for women once a year; for men, it includes the right to free PSA. In addition to all these, free physical examination in the field of urology for men and gynecology for women is among the opportunities offered by the Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance. With the product that we enriched with additional services, we also prioritized the health of the insured in case of emergency.” said.

Coverage up to 15 thousand TL from stroke to heart attack

Comprehensive Emergency Health Insurance, which is accepted as emergency by the World Health Organization and provides coverage up to 15,000 TL in many emergencies such as sudden paralysis, freezing, drowning, electric shock, traffic accident and heart attack, in case one of the emergencies specified in the policy occurs. It also covers the treatment costs to be made by more than 2,500 contracted health institutions or non-contracted health institutions.

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