Reply from Poland to EU’s gas ceiling price proposal

Reply from Poland to EU’s gas ceiling price proposal
Reply from Poland to EU’s gas ceiling price proposal

Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa stated that they consider the proposal of the EU Commission to impose a ceiling price on gas as a “joke” before the meeting of the European Union (EU) energy ministers to be held in Brussels today.

moskwa, “It is difficult to take this proposal seriously. Most countries that prepared gas offers months ago will say the same today. We expect to be taken seriously.” said.

Moskwa noted that the Commission had previously asked member states to produce solutions on the ceiling price that can be applied to gas and in the field of renewable energy. “Of course, Germany opposes this solution. It will test whether the EU Commission will stand by the citizens of European countries today or continue to negotiate secretly with Germany.” he said.

Pointing out that the commission proposal was submitted at the last minute and that they were completely different from the proposals submitted by the member states, Moskwa said that the proposed price was above the market prices and this was unacceptable. moskwa, “I don’t know if anyone will support this proposal today. This can’t even be the start of an argument.” said.

The EU Commission proposed a temporary arrangement to prevent the sudden and excessive increase in gas prices last Tuesday and proposed a ceiling price of 275 Euros per megawatt hour in the forward natural gas price.

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