$ 1400 compensation for those who will leave Foxconn

$ 1400 compensation for those who will leave Foxconn
$ 1400 compensation for those who will leave Foxconn

Foxconn Technology Group has begun offering 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to all employees who choose to leave.

With this unconventional decision, the company aims to appease unhappy new employees who are playing the leading role in violent protests at the world’s largest iPhone factory.

The firm, which is Apple’s main global manufacturing partner, said in an online announcement that the planned two-instalment amount will help make it easier for employees to “get home.”

Most of the more than 200,000 workers at Foxconn’s main plant in Zehngzhou come from various parts of the province or country. However, the aim is also considered to be effective in hiring the local government and dismissing the recently hired people who played an important role in the tension. The company aims to recruit new hires to replace those laid off over time.

It is stated that the payment exceeding the 1-month salaries of most of the blue-collar employees may calm some of the employees participating in the violent protests on Wednesday, which is considered one of the social and economic consequences of the zero Kovid strategy implemented in China.

Hundreds of workers on Wednesday morning imposed tight restrictions aimed at quelling the COVID-19 outbreak. under He clashed with security personnel after spending a month.

It is aimed to return the unhappy employees to their homes with the payment.

One of the most important factors behind the tension was that they learned that they would not be able to receive the higher wages promised to the employees if they did not stay at the factory until March. It is aimed that the 10 thousand yuan payment will cover the necessary expenses for returning home for those who are not satisfied with this proposed condition.

In an apology from Foxconn on Thursday, it was stated that a computer error caused some employees to appear to be paid less than promised and that the obligations set out in the contracts would be adhered to.

Increasing dissatisfaction among Foxconn employees risks further disruption to Apple’s factory, which produces most of the display devices sold worldwide.

Apple says it will deliver below expectations

While the US technology giant warned that the delivery will be below expectations in the quarter, which is the critical holiday period, the waiting times for iPhones were delayed until after Christmas in some regions.

“We have Apple team members working in the field at our supplier Foxconn’s Zhenzhou facility,” Apple said in a statement. “We are reviewing the situation and working closely with Foxconn to make sure employee concerns are addressed.”

Employees at the world’s largest iPhone factory owned by Foxconn in China started protesting on Wednesday morning, due to their unpaid wages and zero Kovid measures, and violent clashes with security guards followed.

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