How Much Are Steam Turkey Game Prices? It’s a Dream to Play Games After the Steam Setup Update!

While Steam Turkey increased the fixed dollar rate of 1.8 TL to 10 TL, the prices of popular games saw the ceiling.

Steam, which paves the way for the spread of games on digital platforms, offers services in 39 different exchange rates around the world. In Steam Turkey, this exchange rate was fixed at 1.8 TL. However Steam According to the statement made by the company, this price has been increased to 10 liras. Thus, gamers were shocked with the Steam currency update. So how much was Steam Turkey game prices?


Although Valve, the creator of Steam, announced that it will never be included in the sales prices, Software Engineer Dora Özsoy revealed the striking truth about Steam Turkey prices. Sharing the aforementioned update of Steam first on her Twitter account, Dora Özsoy said, “Steam has increased the recommended dollar rate from 1.8 to 10 as of now, get well soon to all of us. Publishers can still enter their own prices, but most games use automatic pricing. It shows a warning in the games below. This shows that a raise can be made for the games that have already been released. The new suggested price for our 11$ – 24TL game is 125 TL.” made the statement.



of Steam Turkey After updating the exchange rate for its prices and increasing it to 10 TL, many reactions were also shown on the subject on social media. In particular, Valve, the developer of Steam, announced that it would never interfere with these prices. However, with the exchange rate update, there is a great increase in Steam game prices. In addition, Steam also shared a video about the renewed price policy and conveyed the updated version to the game lovers.

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