Russian teenager killed his father with a hammer in Antalya: The video of the blood-curdling brutality appeared

Russian teenager killed his father with a hammer in Antalya: The video of the blood-curdling brutality appeared
Russian teenager killed his father with a hammer in Antalya: The video of the blood-curdling brutality appeared

In the incident that took place in a 5-star hotel in Antalya’s Manavgat district, a Russian national named Pavel Stepanov (62) was beaten with a hammer and died. His wife Tatiana Stepanov (64) was sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command Çolaklı Gendarmerie Station, gendarmerie detectives JASAT and Crime Scene Investigation teams were sent to the scene. In the examination made by the teams, it was determined that Dmitry Stepanov, who was staying in the same room and reported to have psychological problems, killed his father with a hammer and seriously injured his mother.


Footage of the murder suspect Stepanov recorded the murder appeared. In the footage, Stepanov takes the hammer from under the towel on the table and hides it behind his hand after installing a camera system in the room, and the moments when his father attacks and hits him with a hammer as he enters the door, and his father collapses to the ground.


A special team was formed by the Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Command Public Security Branch Directorate Gendarmerie Crime Investigation Team (JASAT) and Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command in order to catch Dmitry Stepanov, who fled after the incident.


Stepanov, who went to a cafe for tea on the evening of the murder, recorded himself there, shot a video and confessed to the murder. Stepanov said in the video, “I killed my father today. The reason; he used to torture and abuse me in my childhood. My father broke my bones next to my uncle. It blew my ear in 2005. Our friend Tatyana saw him too. They sent me to the psychiatric hospital. It all started after what my grandmother said. He used to say to me, ‘you always pull bad things on yourself, we’re going to get it out of you’ and look, it finally came out. I am in Turkey now, but I am afraid to return to Russia. They send me to a mental hospital and accuse me there. I’m asking you to help me because I don’t know what to do. My dream since childhood was to kill my father, finally my dream came true. I’ve never even raised a voice to a child in my life. I’m a very bad person, but I think I’m doing it right. “I do not regret that I killed my father,” he said.


After the incident, Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command, gendarmerie detectives JASAT examined the security cameras in the region. Detecting that Stepanov, who was leaving the hotel, came to Manavgat district center from Çolaklı District, the teams determined that the video was shot in a business by the river, and immediately went to Antalya Street, and from there he got on the bus and moved to Antalya city centre. The special team contacted the Provincial Gendarmerie Command Intelligence and JASAT teams and pressed the operation button. Following the phone signal of Stepanov, who got off the bus in the Çallı region, the teams caught the suspect walking on the street in the Dokuma district of Kepez District.

Stepanov, who was brought to Çolaklı Gendarmerie Station by JASAT teams, was arrested by the court where he was brought out after his proceedings and sent to prison.

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