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1 gold and 1 silver medal from OMU athletes – Trabzon News, Last Minute Trabzonspor News

1 gold and 1 silver medal from OMU athletes – Trabzon News, Last Minute Trabzonspor News
1 gold and 1 silver medal from OMU athletes – Trabzon News, Last Minute Trabzonspor News

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Haber61, which has achieved the success of being the most read regional news site in Turkey thanks to our followers for years, has also proven that it is one step ahead with its internet radio and internet television breakthroughs. In addition to Trabzon news, Trabzonspor news, developments from the Black Sea, and Turkey, as well as political and life-related news are also included on our site. In this context, as we proceed on our way without being a party to any political thought or anyone, it is clear that we only Trabzonspor We have been emphasizing that from day one.

We strive to deliver the most accurate news to you by advancing our understanding of journalism in the light of fast, accurate and up-to-date information. Haber61 is followed not only from Trabzon but also from all over the country and many countries of the world. Although we have representatives in big cities in the country, we also have representatives in Europe. Haber61, which is at the top of its field with tens of thousands of visitors every day and 30 million page views every month, serves you with its many personnel.

In addition to our reporters who follow the sports and regional news, our live broadcast team, which travels the region from top to bottom with a live broadcast vehicle, is in pursuit of news. Haber61, which continues its service by continuing its news flow for about 18 hours every day, also reaches you on Haber61 TV 24 hours a day in HD quality.

Haber61, which has been standing tall since the years when social media was not yet widespread, unfortunately continues to be attacked by those who try to get somewhere by using the tricks of the internet instead of journalism. However, Haber61 continues to leave their enthusiasm in the crops of these people who try cheap ways. While we continue to stand tall by adding strength to our strength with our advanced server structure, we continue on our way by never allowing anyone to restrict your freedom of access to news.

Haber61, since its establishment in 2006 Trabzon News and Trabzonspor News It has proven many times that it is a leader in its field, both with the awards it has received and its understanding of journalism.

Trabzon About

It is among the important regions of Turkey with its Black Sea geography and location. The people of this region, which is important from its natural resources to the products produced, is also a region known for its warm-blooded people. The Black Sea has important cities. One of these cities is the city of Trabzon. Trabzon is an important city with its past.

Trabzon city is at the forefront with its developed and industry. Thanks to our site, you can easily access information about the city. You can also learn the important places of the city and the places to visit and draw up a travel plan for yourself. In this way, you can access all the current information about the city in a short time. The people of the region become a society that loves help and solidarity.

It would not be wrong to say that they deserve every praise for this people, which is known as a society that loves cooperation and solidarity. In addition, the local people have gained the appreciation of the whole country with their unique taste. You can’t find a table without anchovy on every table, especially in winter, in this region where there are many dishes with anchovy fish unique to the Black Sea Sea.

It is a society that works without discrimination between men and women. Their women work at least as much as their men and contribute to their households for income. In addition, most of the women still earn a living by farming. From this point of view, it would not be wrong to say that they are still a very successful society.

It is useful not to go out without checking the Trabzon weather conditions in order to visit this region, which receives a lot of precipitation in winter. To enjoy visiting the city, to visit every inch of it and explore the historical monuments will take you to different lands. According to the researches, it is the most natural structure in the country. life expectancy is longer in this region. In other words, local people have a longer life expectancy in the country in general. The reason is said to come from the general interest of the region in the soil and being intertwined with nature. It is known that there are people and individuals who count the days to live in this very advantageous region. In addition, since it is a region that receives a lot of precipitation, it has a richer soil structure compared to other regions in terms of soil fertility and richness.

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