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Nothing Chats, which brought iMessage to Android, has been removed

Nothing Chats, which brought iMessage to Android, has been removed
Nothing Chats, which brought iMessage to Android, has been removed

Nothing Chats application, which brought iMessage support to the Android ecosystem, has been removed from the Google Play Store. The developer team said they did this to fix bugs, but the facts were very different. Nothing Chats turned out to be unsafe.

In a news we shared with you recently, we announced that the first official application that will bring iMessage support to Android phones will be released. we mentioned. Developed by the team that developed Nothing Phone and “Nothing ChatsThe application, called “, was initially discussed due to security concerns.

Now, there has been a development regarding Nothing Chats. There are many security concerns regarding the application. unfair is not there appeared. The team released the beta version of Nothing Chats from the Google Play Store within hours. had to remove.

Nothing’s post on the subject was as follows:

We have removed the beta version of Nothing Chats from the Google Play Store. We will continue to work with Sunbird on bug fixes. We have postponed the launch of the application until further notice.

We apologize for the delay. We will do the necessary work for our users.

Statement made by Nothing, in practice there are mistakes it reveals. Rumors suggest that these are not very important mistakes. However, research conducted by cyber security experts shows that the application is seriously affected. insecure is revealed.

For detailed information about Nothing Chats:


The First Official Application to Bring ‘iMessage’ to Android Phones Has Been Announced: Nothing Chats

What Nothing calls a mistake is that users’ data can actually be leaked within seconds!

Cyber ​​security experts working on the website “” reached striking conclusions about Nothing Chats. According to the reviews, someone who wants to use Nothing Chats should, first of all, Apple ID information had to share it with the application’s server. Moreover, these data of users are without encryption was being transferred. So there was no such thing as end-to-end encryption.

Not only that. White hat hackers intercept messages sent via Nothing Chats was encrypted in the first stage However, at the next stage, they found that it was not encrypted while being transferred to another server. This revealed a new security problem.

User data was accessed with only 23 lines of code!

Cyber ​​security experts just 23 lines By writing relatively simple code, they were able to decrypt the messages. Additionally, this code enabled real-time access to Nothing Chats’ Firebase database. In this way, user login information is also sheets were scattered around.

We waited for years. Wait for some more time instead of using unsafe apps. Because Apple will bring RCS support to iPhones!


Apple Officially Announced That It Will Bring RCS Support to iPhones! Messaging Between iPhone and Android Is Radically Changing

US-based technology giant Apple recently made a statement and announced that Google will join the iOS ecosystem. RCS support will be added announced. This statement is important because the coming of RCS support to iPhones will end the blue-green bubble discussions between the two ecosystems. Users are subject to SMS and MMS restrictions, no matter which phone they use. without getting stuck They will be able to message. This being the case, it is not wise to trust third-party applications and risk personal data.

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