Telegram Premium Released: Here are the Features and Price

Telegram Premium Released: Here are the Features and Price
Telegram Premium Released: Here are the Features and Price

Telegram’s premium subscription package, which has been talked about for a while, is also available in Turkey. Although the purchasable package offers some advantages, it can be said to be expensive. So what is Telegram Premium and how to buy it?

Telegram, which has increased its popularity especially in the past years, has been “Telegram Premium” was on the agenda with the paid subscription system. Now, there has been a very important development on this subject. Telegram Premium has started to be used worldwide. As of now iOS and Android users in Turkey They can also become Telegram Premium subscribers.

Telegram Premium will provide users with some important benefits. However, taking advantage of these features will have a serious cost for users in our country. iOS users are required to subscribe to Telegram Premium monthly due to the fixed dollar/TL rate of the App Store. 94.99 TLAndroid users will have to pay 93.99 TL per month. Telegram Premium global price 5 dollars Let’s say it’s declared. Although not clear, Telegram, in countries such as Turkey local pricing policy can also apply.

What is Telegram Premium?

*New logo available to Telegram Premium subscribers

According to the information on Telegram’s official website, users who subscribe to Premium will be able to benefit from some important features. The most important one, Files up to 4GB in size It will be sent and downloaded. While normal users will encounter a 2 GB quota, the limit will be doubled for Premium subscribers. In addition, users will download files much faster, using all of their bandwidth. Convert audio to textFor Telegram Premium subscribers, features such as special stickers, new emojis and animated profile photos will also be available in Telegram Premium.

Features that come with Telegram Premium

4GB file upload feature

Telegram Premium subscribers 4GB they can exchange files.

High speed downloads

in file download speed limits It won’t be for premium users. The highest possible download speed will be offered.

Double the use for chats and channels


Premium users for almost everything in the app increased limits acquires. with premium Can follow 1000 channelscan create 20 chat folders each containing 200 chats, add the fourth account to any Telegram app, pin 10 chats in the main list and save up to 10 favorite stickers.

Converting sounds to text

Telegram Premium subscribers turn voices into text they can convert.

custom stickers

To Telegram Premium subscribers custom stickers will be presented.

More than 10 new reaction emojis

Along with the new stickers, it is used to react to users’ messages. new emojis It also came to Telegram Premium.

Chats can be categorized

Chats with Telegram Premium, some folders under can be placed. For example, all chats related to work will be in one folder and conversations with family members will be in another folder.

Animated profile photos

Telegram Premium subscribers animated profile photos they can add. These can be videos or GIFs.

Telegram, with all this, to Telegram Premium subscribers a custom logo will present. In addition, Telegram Premium subscribers have a special feature in their profiles. rosette it will include…

We talked about the new features of Telegram Premium. So what do I need to do to become a Telegram Premium subscriber?

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

  • for Android 93.99 TL
  • for iOS 94.99 TL

How to become a Telegram Premium subscriber?

  • Step #1: Telegram mobile Open the app.
  • Step #2: top left to the menu tap.
  • Step #3: Settings Tap .
  • Step #4:Telegram PremiumTap “.
  • Step #5:SubscribeTap “.
  • Step #6: Approve Google Play Store or App Store.

Note: If Telegram Premium doesn’t appear in the app, make sure the app is up to date.

How to download Telegram?

You can download the Telegram application to your smartphone from the Google Play Store or App Store. If you want to reach the App Store page of the application hereIf you want to reach the Google Play Store page, here You can use the provided link.

So, is it worth paying around 100 TL per month for all these features? You can share your ideas with us.

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