RTX 4090 power cables meltdown problems started again

RTX 4090 power cables meltdown problems started again
RTX 4090 power cables meltdown problems started again
Nvidia on RTX 4090 Although it clarified the power cable melting problems experienced, The problems are not completely resolved. Finally on the graphics card 16-pin There have been a number of new cases of insufficient power connector and external connectors.

Increasing complaints about RTX 4090 cables

If we recall, this problem started in October when multiple users said their power cords were burnt or melted. Then in November, Nvidia confirmed 50 cases worldwide, saying users connected adapters incorrectly. However, complaints from users on the Reddit platform continue to increase.

For those who don’t know, the RTX 4090 was introduced with 16-pin 12VHPWR connectors and naturally offers support for ATX 3.0 power supplies. However, let us remind you that converter support is offered to users who have an ATX 2.0 PSU. So far, there has been no burning or melting problem in ATX 3.0 supported PSU connectors.

At this point, a Reddit user, who stated that he connected the connector in accordance with Nvidia’s instructions, shared images showing that the power cable melted after six months of use. In addition, the flagship GPU was primarily used for artificial intelligence models rather than gaming. Another user states that only one of the two RTX 4090s he bought had a problem.

Finally, another user, who said that the power cable melted, is using the RTX 4090 from a third party. Corsair SF750 platinum adapter that you are using with and GPU limited to 70 percent power stated. So there is no big load on GPU and PSU. Nvidia did not make any statements about the new cases. However, the best solution to the burning or melting problem seems to be to avoid external adapters and turn to the ATX 3.0 PSU.

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